Kal Hamara Hai

Kal Hamara Hai


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Kal Hamara Hai torrent reviews

Jason B (mx) wrote: Well that was uncomfortable. Was better than the first film (preferred the book)... I'm dead.

Carol H (gb) wrote: As strange as it sounds, I actually like this better than the animated film. For starters, I think the story is better executed here. It doesn't feel like an obvious jab at Disney and fairy tales in general. It actually feels like a more straightforward tale and it works to its advantage. Secondly, the humor isn't as dependent as gross-out gags and pop culture references. While the lowbrow jokes are still there, there's also a lot of subtle jokes that I like. Thirdly, the characters are given more backstory and dimension. One of the best things about stage adaptations is that they often give complexity to well-known characters. "Shrek the Musical" is no exception. Finally, the production has all the traits that a good musical should have. The sets and costumes are beautiful to look at, the acting is terrific, and the songs are wonderful. All in all, I believe"Shrek the Musical" is an improvement of the original DreamWorks Animation film.

jarrad b (us) wrote: Nice crazy little film. Not too long, has some good weirdness happening and was a lot different to everything else out there

Aslum K (de) wrote: I was disappointed by [u]Virgin[/u] at first, but it had won me over by the end. In a Bible belt community, an eccentric young girl gets raped when she passes out at a party, unaware of what has happened. When she goes home that evening, she dreams that God informs her that she's pregnant with a new Christ (PBUH) child, and that is what she believes, much to the chagrin of her family and the town she lives in. Everybody demands that the troubled girl repent, resorting to everything from graphitti to physical violence to give up her belief, but it inspires her to help the helpless, heal the wounded, and essentially do everything we expect God would want us to do. She ultimately discovers the truth about her baby, but not before suffering for what she believes in. It's a heartbreaking film. I didn't like it at first, because I saw it as an example of the dangers of avant-garde filmmaking. My girlfriend rented this movie because of its premise, and when she was presented with a weird girl and documentary styled camerawork, we were both turned off. Had this movie been made as a mainstream film - clean and to the point, with its compelling premise, it would have been great. Hollywood could probably have done wonders with this script. But they didn't, and what we do have is a movie that's nonetheless great. I imagine the filmmaking style was intended to create realism, and make us feel sympathy for its lead, which it does. The movie is remarkably well-acted, and all of the characters are convincing. The story also is well told and well arranged. So much so that in spite of the fact that the style of filmmaking is somewhat off-putting, we truly do feel for this girl and are angry at the kind of intolerance that defeats the purpose of religion in the first place. [u]Virgin[/u] illustrates that fallacy, IMO, of all religious fundamentalism: thematically, every major religion wants us to be better people and be better to each other. The rituals of religion, IMO, are only intended to create discipline and unity among the followers. They are not religion's primary purpose, as I see it. Religion's true intent is to bring people together by bringing out the best in us, which happens to this poor girl despite how that epiphany came to her. She's a true victim of society's misunderstanding of religion, IMO, and her story is heartbreaking on that level. As heartbreaking, and more disturbing, to me, is the film's second theme of adolescent sexual confusion and frustration. The most horrifying news story, to me, of my lifetime, was the massacre at Columbine High School. Among the many things that disturbed me about it was the fact that the killers went after girls that they were [i]attracted[/i] to. I have long felt that sexual frustration leads to all kinds of problems, and in a teenager, does indeed have the potential to lead to violence. I'm not saying that teens should have more sex, I'm saying that I wish parents gave teenagers more guidance in dealing with their sexual impulses as teens rather than just ignoring them because it's so unpleasant to talk about. My father's denial of my sexuality made me a porn addict. The Columbine killers became murderers. The boys in this film become rapists. I realize it's their fault, but IMO, we as a society need to really make sure our teens understand sex and how to deal with their sexual desire. If not, I feel it will continue to be expressed in unhealthy, and potentially dangerous, ways. A great film.

Shelby P (br) wrote: omfg, they're making ANOTHER one???

Lovro H (ag) wrote: How have I not heard of this movie sooner?! This is the blackest comedy I've ever seen! This movie is insane! The story is about a very young boy, who is also very weird and odd, who suspects his parents might not be who they seem to be. He starts catching them doing some obscene stuff and starts to question where they get all their food from. Yes, you probably already guessed. This movie is about a boy who thinks his parents are cannibals! Even if it's only 77 minutes long, this movie will disturb you, make you laugh because of how awkward it is, and maybe even scar you. The acting is brilliant! The parents are scary, creepy and disturbing. Whenever Randy Quaid is on screen, it's terrifying. The mother is much less scary, it's the father who you should be afraid of the most. The little kid's acting might seem bad to some, but I thought it was actually pretty spot on. His reactions to things happening around him seem very real. At times it's like he isn't even acting! He's literally scared! The soundtrack helps the movie a lot. It makes every scene seem like it's the most disturbing one ever. The ending is shocking and brutal. All in all, this goes high on my list of favourite movies and I'll deffinetely watch it again. Great acting, awesome soundtrack, ridiculous, yet frightening story. I would recommend seeing this movie at least once.

Daniel P (au) wrote: Unlike a fine wine this film hasn't aged well. Has it's moments but doesn't cut it.

Alexandra K (fr) wrote: sellers hillarious dead-pan nature, flower power, and special brownies brought meaning to having a shag.

Ryan M (us) wrote: Fred Astaire is one of my favorite actors.

David L (gb) wrote: S I C K!! But love it. It's got no boundaries and you want a movie that makes you say "That's so wrong", this is it. Choice tunes (FGTH "The Power of Love", End score of Tainted love)..... gotta watch the end.