Poor and orphan Ravi Kumar is gifted with good singing attributes. He meets wealthy Radha Khanna and with her recommendation he lands his first singing assignment and this takes him to the ...

Radha Khanna comes from wealthy family and lives in a palatial house with her widowed father, Rohit. She has a friend in Sheela, who also lives in a palatial house, surrounded by some ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kalaakaar torrent reviews

Nicky S (fr) wrote: It's a bit rough and somewhat slow at the beginning, but then it gradually but surely becomes a very immersive film which is pretty witty and quite excellent. It's very enjoyable, with very good acting and an atmosphere which sucks you into the movie. The part where Habeas Corpus is being filmed is especially great - that "What?" from the police officer is priceless. It's actually pretty weird to see so many famous actors and actresses in cameo appearances. Overall, it's a very good film that's not for everyone.

javier l (us) wrote: this movie talks about the water drought that California is suffering from

Taylor S (br) wrote: one of his better movies !

Jeremy E (es) wrote: Words cannot describe the amount of pain, sorry and fear I felt when experiencing this near masterpiece. It is one of the most brilliantly crafted films I've seen in a while and few films have made me tear up as much as this one. I legitimately near threw up from how ill these events made me feel.

Sandra G (it) wrote: Loved,it..absolutely hilarious

Private U (nl) wrote: The first bad movie I've seen from Hartley.

Ashleydeth G (ru) wrote: like it, billy bob its so bad

Wade H (ca) wrote: Martian is still at his comedic best. But a bad story overrules style and a few laughs.

Aaron P (es) wrote: This movie has Charlie Sheen portraying a white house speech writer, while Donald Sutherland is his close personal friend, who also works in the white house. So, of course, when shit hits the fan and Charlie is forced to run for his life, he trusts only one person: Donald Sutherland. (do you feel the predictable vibe coming?) so, guess who turns out to be the leader of the vast conspiracy? Of course, you guessed it: Donald Sutherland. The writing for this movie is so bland, so painstakingly predictable, that I honestly hope the writer(s) of this movie did it pro-bono as part of their charity work for the year. I hope having their name attached to this movie is a tax deductible scenario. Because if word ever gets out that THIS is the kind of crap they write professionally, they will never get a job again. Maybe, just maybe, this could have been salvaged with strong acting jobs: Sadly, there are none to be found. Well, that's not true: J. Williams Midkiff Jr. was fantastic as a restaurant patron who was only on screen for a few moments, and Kimberly Evan, the (uncredited, mind you) girl running for the train, delivered powerhouse performances... I'm sorry, no amount of lying can make this seem like a great movie... or a good movie... or a movie you should actually want to see. This movie is "shovel fodder of the highest order... and if you buy it, you're part of the problem. One out of five."

Zoran S (nl) wrote: Quit possibly the greatest adaptation of the Samuel Beckett novel ever filmed.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Pretty lousy. Ever since I found out about how much of a douche Sellers was, I don't know, I can't help but not enjoy his movies. Doesn't help that this turd was made of recycled footage from after he died... that scene with the cab driver kidnapping the lady was hilarious though.

Marcus H (gb) wrote: War of the Worlds from a different POV; what makes this film great is Shyamalan's ability to create tension here. One feels a sense of dread and suspense; did the twist hit, was the bad guy really that amazing. They did a lot with cornfields and farm houses that's the amazing achievement here.

Zo A (es) wrote: This was fun, though not the movie I thought it was. I've been trying to figure out what the name of a film I watched on TV in the '90's was, and this wasn't it. But it was still fun in an '80's sci-fi way. And so cute!

AndrClaude L (br) wrote: that was some weird-fest. nevertheless, interesting enough.