Based on A.J.Cronin's 'Beyond This Place', this movie narrates the story of an untiring crusade for justice. A young man, learning about his father's wrongful implication in a fifteen-year-old murder, vows to bring the true criminals to justice and release his innocent father from 'kaala paani' (life imprisonment), for which he enlists the help of a press reporter, a retired police inspector and an unwitting prostitute who happens to possess some key evidence.

Based on A.J.Cronin's 'Beyond This Place', this movie narrates the story of an untiring crusade for justice. A young man, learning about his father's wrongful implication in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saad K (ag) wrote: Meskada - CATCH IT (B-)Meskada is a complex story of young boy's murder during a burglary in a peaceful town Hilliard. The town' police investigator thinks that men coming out for work from nearby town Casewell may be involved in the burglary and accidental death of a child. His investigation about the murder leaves him trapped between people of two towns. On one side it shows the story of the police investigator and on the other side it shows the story of two young men involved in the burglary.Meskada managed to bag impressive ensemble considering the indie criteria. As the story is complex, the movie did stumbles at the end. Instead of giving a proper ending it leaves an innocent man taking all the blame. The situation was irrational and very harsh considering the scenario. I won't spoil the ending here but the movie is defiantly worth giving time. Jonathan Tucker, Kellan Lutz, Rachel Nichols, Nick Stahl, Grace Gummer and Norman Reedus did a nice job and given the material provided came onscreen very natural.

Kace C (gb) wrote: Whip It [2009] Ellen Page is just too tomboy for a hetero love angle. It just doesn't work. Other than that, the film's pretty okay. 6/10

Ron R (us) wrote: A sweet little movie.

Amanda H (it) wrote: I discovered this movie by accident. I was looking for the animated Christmas short of the same name, and stumbled upon this. I've always had a soft spot for Paul Walker, so I decided to rent it. I went into it expecting to be underwhelmed, but this has turned out to be one of my favorite holiday movies. It's super-cheesy, but what good Christmas film isn't? This is definitely a very pleasant surprise.

Daryl T (it) wrote: Dumb and juvenile. Don't waste your time except to stare at Jessica Simpson

bill s (gb) wrote: Dull teen comedy that just lays there and does nothing to help it's cause.

Hebron S (es) wrote: A masterpiece. This film stands as one of the most subtle examples of groundbreaking cinema. Egoyan has established an entirely new film-language with this film alone.

Edmund P (nl) wrote: Now don't me wrong: this movie is bad. In fact in a lot of ways it's a steaming pile of shit. However, it just so happens to be so bad it's awesome.

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Jesse O (fr) wrote: Chevy Chase has always been good at playing these sort of smug, arrogant assholes probably, well, because he is one from what you hear from the people he's worked with and all the stories that have come out of how much of an asshole he is. But, and this is removing the man himself from his craft, if you will, Chevy Chase can be a genuinely funny man if his heart is truly into something. Of course he did go through a pretty terrible run of films in the 90s, not to mention his disastrous talk show, but I think this was at a point where Chevy was either bitter or had stopped caring enough to actually make an effort in the films he appeared in post-80s. But, again, I genuinely think that Chevy Chase was a funny man, I just think he had great comedic timing and delivery. While I wouldn't ever say that Chevy Chase ever reached the heights of what his career could've been as compared to someone like, say, Bill Murray, though Bill had his own struggles in the 90s before having his career resurrected by Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola, I think that Chevy can be a funny man when he's inspired. This film definitely proves it. With that said this movie, at best, is pretty good. Perhaps it's the fact that it hasn't aged well, this movie is 30 years old by this point, but there were certainly parts of the film that really missed the mark for me. Like the whole airport hangar scene, this is probably the most unfunny scene in the entire film, it's like none of the jokes worked. And it's not like it's a one-minute scene and you move on, it was pretty long and the longer it went the less funny it got. So that was the one scene that I'd have probably cut out, or made shorter, if it was up to me. It just didn't work very well, for the most part. And that's also the thing about the film, it just keeps getting less and less funny as it goes along. It starts out fast and, somehow, as the film progresses and you uncover more of the mystery, it starts to become less and less interesting. I just wasn't that invested into the Fletch's investigation anyway, it was just poorly handled to me. They just did not a good job at exposition, in my opinion. It was all over the place and you didn't really get a feel for the story past just giving Chevy an outlet for his sarcasm and costume usage. That's all it pretty much boils down to. The story is secondary. Honestly, this film is barely good to be honest. It actually started off very well and, as mentioned, the film's quality kept descending the longer it went. It's not like it jumped off a cliff, it took slow and small steps towards that cliff, but it never actually jumped off of it. It was cut off at a point where I, overall, would have to say the film is good, but it's not enthusiastic at all. Chevy Chase is good and he carries this film, but it's one that gets slightly worse the more it goes on and I can't really ignore that fact. I'd recommend it if you have Netflix, or it came on TV, but there's better Chevy Chase movies out there from the 80s. This isn't close to being the best.

iain m (fr) wrote: I liked this - I didn't want it to end which is always a good sign, there were lots of loose ends that could have been followed up, and there were parts of the story where I feel compelled to go off and carry out research e.g. the Greek-Turk thing after the end of WWI. The only thing that really annoys me is this insistence by both the Americans and Australians of the bad-guy Englishman (and what kind of accent was that - awful) - please note that I say this as a Scotsman - trust me Yanks and Aussies, there is enough blame to go round.

Cali Fornia C (ca) wrote: Have seen this musical so many times, it's difficult to consider it dispassionately. Stellar cast, joyous dance and singing routines, gorgeous costumes. Also, cute movie romance -- some quite sexy moments, for the time -- and many, many laughs. Required viewing for any fan of the genre, plus anyone who loves old-fashioned Hollywood stories.

Justin B (ru) wrote: It's refreshing to see such an experimental take on an action film and when the bullets and fists are flying, the gimmick really works even if it's a little exhausting. However the film never maintains a consistent tone or pace and the plot takes some very goofy twists and turns.