Kalde føtter

Kalde føtter

Rough guy Kalle comes back to his home town loaded with cash, with only one though in mind: Getting Trine, the prettiest girl in town. But her fiancé is really in his way.

Harrytappen Kalle kommer tilbake til hjembyen etter å ha tjent seg søkkrik i USA på Lick-a-baum; En genial oppfinnelse som gir rånere frisk ånde. Han har bare en tanke i hodet: Bli sammen med Trine, den peneste dama i hele fylket. Men før Kalle rekker å gjøre sitt fremstøt, har den smånevrotiske, dølle Christer kommet han i forkjøpet og fridd til Trine! Kalle er rasende og legger en slu plan for å stanse bryllupet og feie Christer av banen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cynthia S (fr) wrote: 3 1/4 stars--Good message in the storyline, but somehow doesn't quite do what it was intended. Good acting by Dermot. Mira I can barely stand, though. She ALWAYS looks to me like she is ready to cry....so in all those emotional scenes where she is crying, it just makes me cringe. The only memorable parts of this movie revolved around John Billingsley. His portrayal of a sick pedophile was very well done. Too bad it wasn't in a more memorable movie...

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: Should win the Oscar in my opinion

Graham D (ag) wrote: More fun than shark week....so to speak :)

Peter G (us) wrote: "Travellers and Magicians" is a very charming import film. It's story may be mashed around a bit, but the ultimate message is something that can resonate with people of any race, religion or age.Dondup (Tshewang Dendup) is a newly appointed religious official in a remote village in Bhutan. Growing weary of, "nothing to do," as he proclaims, Dondup receives a letter from a friend informing him that he has arranged for a ticket to America. Dondup leaps on the idea and acts quickly to get out of his requirements and village.While walking to the bus, Dondup gets held up by one of the villagers and is delayed. Getting aggravated, he starts to sprint, but the bus leaves without him. Now wondering what the hell to do, Dondup sits by the side of the road and waits for cars to come by. A man carrying apples (Ap Dochu) sits next to Dondup and asks how the cars are. Since Dondup doesn't want a damn thing to do with people, he acts very cold and walks away. While sitting about a mile up the road, a monk (Sonam Kinga) walks up to Dondup and proceeds to sit next to him. Only wanting to simply pass the time while waiting for a car, the monk tries his best to speak with Dondup. Dondup makes some rude remarks and the monk understands that, being a man of importance, the monk would be given first rides. So the monk then walks down the path to the appleman and leaves Dondup.As night falls, Dondup begins to grow tired of doing nothing all day. The appleman and the monk start a fire to cook some food and invite Dondup down, even after his rude reception. Dondup swallows his pride and joins them. While eating, the monk asks Dondup where he is going, which Dondup responds with some abstract words. This leads the monk to re-tell a Buddhist teaching.The story follows Tashi (Lhakpa Dorji) and Karma (Namgay Dorjee), two brothers in a secluded village in Bhutan (much like Dondup's) who are very opposite of each other. Tashi dreams of far away places and women while Karma is highly intelligent and interested in magic. One day during their lunch, Karma mixes together a potion that sends Tashi on a fantasy trip.This trip takes Tashi to an even more remote village where he meets an old man and his wife, Deki (Deki Yangzom). This story leads to love, betrayal and some other interesting twists.The whole movie is a big metaphor or appreciation of life. While it's definitely vague in that regard, the film doesn't try to shove anything down your throat. It presents you with ideas, philosophies and people and then lets you piece together everything. It's a very non-linear approach to a storyline and it works well, though the beginning is a bit slow and is purely exposition.It's wonderful when you think about it. Is leaving the best thing for a person, or is embracing what they're given? You're left curious as to what Dondup will do with all of this.The acting is solid, if a bit sub-dued. Dendup gives a very convincing performance as Dondup. He seems distant and distracted until a certain character comes into the story later. Kinga as the monk is annoying in a certain respect, but mainly because his character is just very interested in everything around him. He's realistic and sincere, both qualities that a monk should have.Supporting characters include the Appleman and a few other travelers that Dondup encounters. They're all secondary, even if one character strikes Dondup's heart strings. They aren't given a lot of dialog, though, so it's hard to come to any conclusion about them.The people in the monk's story are the bulk of this tale and they certainly nail their parts. Dorji is very distant to everyone at first, but then becomes a bit of a menacing force. His actions overtake him and his facial expressions really drive home his inner-terror. Yangzom is attractive and deadly and she gives a quaint level of seriousness to her character. It's intriguing to no end.On a more technical level, the movie has fine direction and a good, if minimalist, soundtrack. Nothing holds the film back in any regard and when the music does pop up, it's very psychedelic. What is fantastic is the cinematography, though. Bhutan is an extremely beautiful country and it's a wonder why more movies haven't been shot there. When everything is said and done, seeing the characters part is incredibly hard. You may not know much about them, but you want to see their tales conclude and have closure. The monk sums up the whole movie well though. "A blossom is only beautiful because it is temporary." Amen to that.

Axochitl (ru) wrote: its a movie from Argentina :D and i like its sad and sometimes funny :D i recomended see it!!!!

Steve H (ag) wrote: Catherine Keener. Good evening.

Gabe S (it) wrote: Oh, afternoon HBO when I was growing up.

Omar I (gb) wrote: the girl who plays supergirl is insanely HOT!!!! everything else not that good

Asa B (es) wrote: A bit of a slog and surprisingly dark in places. Still, can't beat the "Oklahoma" number!

Manch F (mx) wrote: I love arthouse films and even I thought this was boring, pretentious, and awful.

eni r (jp) wrote: I didn't really get the point of this movie

Thomas H (au) wrote: Just like the astronauts trip to Mars, this film never takes off.