Kalevala - Uusi aika

Kalevala - Uusi aika

A story based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala.

A story based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kalevala - Uusi aika torrent reviews

Santos V (fr) wrote: Not as good as the first installment

Duane M (us) wrote: Spike, you did it again. You managed write a good story with great characters then direct it into the ground. Useless and overly preachy scenes, cheesy dialogue and the dumbest tambourine related gang beating I have ever seen. Ever.

Mark A (es) wrote: i enjoyed it very much.

Emmanuel V (br) wrote: Londre, c'est dangereux, hein Guy ;)Certes, les scenarios de Guy Ritchy ont tendance a se ressembler, certes on y retrouve souvent la meme facon de monter le film en suivant plusieurs groupes de persos, certes, certes...Mais quand meme, faut bien avouer que des films aussi kiffant a regarder, on en mate pas tous les jours. Alors, pour la bande son, pour le jeu des acteurs, pour l'intelligence d'ecriture, pour la photo, pour la rea nickel et pour le kiff pris pendant toute la duree du bouzin, ca vaut largement le detour

Sarah W (gb) wrote: This movie is a lot of fun! The characters are likable and I found myself genuinely invested in them. The plot was interesting, the suspenseful parts had me on the edge of my seat, and the funny bits had me snorting into my drink. I can't recommend it enough! I hope everyone sees this!

Adam B (br) wrote: God I hate Alan Alda. What a smug bastard he was! He goes around shagging loads of women (including - incredibly - Michelle Pfeiffer) and assumes he general public really would part with their hard earned cash to watch it! Caine and Hoskins are admirable, but are obviously there just for the money. The script is average - but Alda, because he wrote and directed this trash is to blame for its shoddy delivery. He obviously wants to be the next Woody Allen, but he just doesn't cut it I'm afraid. Cool 80's music though.

Indira S (br) wrote: umm,, actually i kinda expected more from this movie :I

Jaen H (au) wrote: It's not a good movie but my lady and I were throughly entertained by the over-the-top nonsense that is this movie.

Isaac C (es) wrote: Just when you thought the Hellraiser series couldn't get any shittier...it did!

Deepak M (br) wrote: Absurd movie. Lots of graphic violence and gore. Good production values and acting, but the whole thing felt pointless.

Ryan M (us) wrote: Not as good as the original, but still the group has a fun dynamic that draws you in.

David J (it) wrote: Sad attempt at a cash in.