A police officer goes undercover to catch a wealthy and reputable person, who is involved in criminal activities.

A police officer goes undercover to catch a wealthy and reputable person, who is involved in criminal activities. "Ja re ja o harjai, dekhi teri dildari..." is hummable. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MF J (ru) wrote: Good film, well directed & well acted by two young unknown giels! If you are into Lesbian stuff you might enjoy it more than i did! For me it's just a good film with an interesting story & done in a very unconventional way.

David L (us) wrote: This was all going so well, but never quite reached that climatic ending that we were all rooting for. It was built up well, usual group of tourists that go exploring an abandoned city, which we all know won't be abandoned. With all the radiation warnings, I was then expecting a hills have eyes type copycat but this never really materialised to any great extent. It was all quite jumpy and full of suspense, but with no real beast or villains that we could that we could identify with. I wasn't fully understanding the ending either, which makes it doubly anti-climatic. I did like the fact that with no real stars in the film, it wasn't obvious who would survive and who would perish as everyone was at risk from a fame point of view. It was a shame that when the numbers did eventually deplete due to the mutated figurines, they were done in an off camera sense I.e. It was assumed that people were dead as opposed to actually seeing them be mauled. This did create an open mind whilst the film was ongoing in the assumption that some characters may return, but when they didn't, it was a bit of a weak characteristic of the plot. I did enjoy this movie, but I'd hyped it up to be a little more than it was judging from the trailer, and albeit a good one to watch with friends as a result of all the jumpy moments, it's one that you'll have been embarrassed to put on come the final scenes. Nice idea, but once you've seen it, there's not much about it to reignite your passion for a repeat viewing!

Facebook U (kr) wrote: These days every Marvel film feels as if it's the same plot with minor additions and more money thrown at it.Civil war is mediocre at best,the plot is nonsensical, the villain in typical Marvel fashion is completely forgettable and ultimately once again there are no real stakes.This is a lesson in movies by numbers, do nothing unique and appeal to the lowest common denominator.