Kalle Blomkvist - Mästerdetektiven lever farligt

Kalle Blomkvist - Mästerdetektiven lever farligt

The story is about a boy named Kalle Blomkvist who with his friends solves crimes. But also play the battle between the red rose and the white rose with his rival friends. But everything ...

Det är sommarlov och i Storköping pågår en ridderlig kamp mellan gängen i Röda rosen och Vita rosen. 14-åriga Eva-Lotta blir vittne när ockraren Gren mördas. Kalle och Anders ser mördaren när de letar efter Stormumriken i det övergivna huset Herrgården utanför staden. Mördaren är beväpnad men de lyckas få dit polisen som kan gripa honom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tristan F (kr) wrote: Beasts of the Southern Wild is a well made movie with great acting and incredible visuals, but can be quite jumpy, complex, and hard to fallow . The movie is told through the eyes of a young girl named Hush Puppy who lives with her father in a small community they call bathtub.

Arslan K (fr) wrote: I didn't like the French girl

Tom B (mx) wrote: Funny... and I luv Brittany Daniel !

Rachel M (ag) wrote: This was an okay movie. One of those dram comedy things. I thought the actor who played mark was retty good at it. The story was depressing... it's worth the time if you have nothing to do.

Iggy A (de) wrote: Fantastic Russian unique film. Visually exquisite. It's an artsy film that might not satisfy a purely generic, average movie goer, I might guess, but if you can't appreciate this movie, whatever your social status or level of education, you should probably feel a little ashamed... The story might bore some, but it is told in such a unique visual way, it should hold the common interest, at least...It must have been a terrible pain in the neck to shoot it the way they did...(Since it's a Russian-language film, the type of people who might be bored by it probably won't watch it anyway, because they can't stomach reading subtitles...)

Trenace S (jp) wrote: really good but only for the people who like vampire movies

Barbara G (br) wrote: Working with John, Larry, Wendell, Terrence, Suzanne, Luis, Paul, and the whole crew was an awesome experience. I'm proud to have worked on a film that continues being relevant for young people. We need to make more movies like this for teens!

Sam D (br) wrote: One of my all time favourite films - such stillness is amazing - fantabulous - could go on about melancholy and shit but really - this is one hugely funny films - and the laughter sits in the silent spaces in the film - makes love to my eyes and mind!

Bardia M (kr) wrote: This is an ok thriller that keeps your heart beating fast throughout. Apart from the untimely cuts and editing, the best part of this film is Pierce Brosnan, with the rest of the cast kind of falling short. The story is well written but the ending did feel out of place with the rest of the movie. Overall, it's uniquely directed but not too memorable.

Carrie H (ag) wrote: Gotta love cartoon movies from the 80's.

Markus U (nl) wrote: It has its moments and I did laugh

familiar s (es) wrote: I was disappointed by the pacing of the film, but more so with its content. It was hardly engaging and often enraging (not owing to the situations in the movie, but due to dull execution). The performances didn't help any to elevate the experience. Boring and avoidable "classic" flick, IMO.

Edith N (nl) wrote: The Problem With Period Pieces Here's the thing. To me, the solution to the jockey problem was obvious. They were training the horse with Velvet Brown (Elizabeth Taylor) on his back, so the obvious answer to who was going to ride him in the Grand National was that Velvet would. In fact, it was so incredibly obvious that I couldn't work out why everyone wasn't just assuming that it would be the case. I mean, yes, she was inexperienced. I get that. And starting at such an important race for your first is probably not a good idea. Then again, neither is starting the horse at that level, right? Smarter to, as is suggested at one point, race him at a county fair or two. But if they figure the horse can leap ahead to it, well, so can the girl. It literally did not occur to me until she was insisting that they could cut her hair and that she'd be disqualified when they found out she was a girl that, in fact, they would disqualify her because she was a girl. Velvet is horse-mad in that way that girls of a certain age so frequently are. Her father (Donald Crisp), a butcher, has a horse; it's the 1920s in rural England, so of course he does. But it is an old little pony who pulls the wagon. Velvet wants a real horse. One day, as she is pretending to ride near a local horse farm, as girls like that are wont to do, she encounters Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney). Mi's father left behind a notebook with a few names written in it, and one was Velvet's mother (Anne Revere). At first, Mi plans to steal money from the Browns and disappear into the night. But first Velvet and then Mrs. Brown talk Mr. Brown into offering Mi a job as his assistant. One day, as they are out running deliveries, a horse Velvet has dubbed the Pie (King Charles, a grandson of Man o' War) gets out and causes a great deal of damage. His owner raffles him off, and Velvet wins him. Mi, a former jockey, sees the horse's quality, and Velvet decides the Pie can win the Grand National. Life must have been easier in those days for horse-mad girls. In fact, I wonder how old that particular phenomenon is; was there a time when horses were so common that you didn't get little girls dreaming about them all the time? Or perhaps poor little girls still did, girls whose families couldn't, for one reason or another, keep horses of their own. After all, Velvet is the sort of girl who stays up the night before leaving for the Grand National with her very own horse to sort the pictures of other famous horses that she has lying around. That's not a girl who would ever have been satisfied with the plodding old pony who pulled the family cart, and there were still a lot of girls, even before the invention of the automobile, whose families didn't even have that. Girls who lived in the city, for example, or girls whose families had oxen or mules or something. It's just that it would have been easier for them to go somewhere else and see beautiful horses in person. The whole subplot about Mi's father and his past career as a jockey wasn't all that interesting to me. Oh, to be fair, little of the movie was interesting to me--though I might have been fascinated back when I was young enough to be a lot more into horses than I am now--but it felt more tacked on than anything. I liked the stuff about Mrs. Brown, though it felt a bit unnecessary as well. But for just Someone's Mom, she was a very well developed character--and indeed, Anne Revere won Best Supporting Actress for the role, beating out Angela Lansbury in [i]The Picture of Dorian Gray[/i]. (It was Lansbury's second nomination; she was nominated again for [i]The Manchurian Candidate[/i] but has never won.) And Angela Lansbury, still in her surprisingly-young-and-hot stage, played Edwina Brown in this. Who was, frankly, one of the least necessary characters of all. But you were supposed to think the Mi stuff was more important, because he was the Shadowy Stranger With a Mysterious Past. Honestly, I think it's perfectly reasonable to require every jockey participating in a race like this one to be registered. This was a dangerous race. It's also true that Velvet had already been shown to faint if she got over-excited, which was more than a little weird and a good reason not to send her to the race accompanied only by Mickey Rooney. And in fact, requiring jockeys to pass a physical wouldn't be a bad idea, though of course that would have eliminated Velvet before she even got going. Because you don't want someone with a tendency toward fainting spells to risk harm in a race like this, do you? But I am quite serious when I say that "she can't because she's a girl" had literally never occurred to me. I would imagine it would come as quite a shock to a lot of Horse Girls today, though I suppose Velvet must have known about it. Then again, would a girl in the 1920s whose mother had been a successful Channel swimmer let that stop her?


Gavin P (gb) wrote: An average former-cop-gets-involved-with-local-bad-guys action film, with Statham playing Statham, Franco hamming it up a bit & Ryder + Bosworth looking red-neck anorexic. Plenrty of fights, explosions and "keep my daughter out of this" - not bad, but nothing new.

Matt A (jp) wrote: I couldn't have enjoyed this more. Dark, clever and funny.

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