Kalyana Sowgandhikam

Kalyana Sowgandhikam

Jayadevan pretends to be a Swami with the help of his friends to get into a household where Athira lives ; who he believes holds the key to find his missing friend.

Jayadevan pretends to be a Swami with the help of his friends to get into a household where Athira lives ; who he believes holds the key to find his missing friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon T (kr) wrote: This was perfect. The fact that there are so many nods at the original films, as well as so many original jokes in such a small amount of time is incredible, yet it doesn't flow like a comedian with a time limit, but it still feels smooth like Pixar's other shorts. Great to see these characters still in action.

Daniel M (kr) wrote: i don't know why people hated it, i love it

Jack H (br) wrote: Cute. Took a while for that kiss.

Sen E (de) wrote: Would have been much better if it were actually in Japanese and attempted to make some sort of sense.

Jesse O (ca) wrote: Maybe I was in a good mood, but I didn't dislike this film that much. Not that I was expecting it to, but you know how it is with 'horror' films in the 90s, particularly post-Scream. Not saying that a lot of films tried to replicate that, but the setting is fairly similar to Scream in a small and peaceful town where strange events start taking place. The one difference to Scream, is that this film has more sci-fi themes than horror ones and it's not really constructed as a film that's meant to tear apart the genre's tropes. Essentially, some of the more troubled teens in town are turned into the ideal students. Perfect, well-adjusted, straight-A students that contribute to society in helpful ways. Imagine the Stepford Wives except substitute the women for troubled teens. So the movie is more about trying to find out what exactly is happening to these teens that is, somehow, managing to reform them in record time. Apparently, from what I found out, the film was edited beyond all hell and the director, David Nutter, even considered taking his name out of the credits. I think the original cut was like 20 minutes longer than this and it focused more on character development, which I really would've been interested in seeing. This movie isn't bad or anything, but the characters don't really have much of a personality. You also find out more about Steve's brother, who shot himself, and who is the impetus for the family moving to Cradle Bay and why he did what he did. I thought that that, at least, was important, because Steve's depression or lack excitement at his family's move to Cradle Bay is due in part to what happened to his brother. There's also the fact that there was, supposedly, an organization that was behind Caldicott's experiments, which would have also been interesting to see. So I do feel sorry for David Nutter and the writer of the film, because I truly do believe that there's a more interesting story that they wanted to tell than what you got to see on screen. Their story, I feel, was truly bastardized and I could've seen the director's cut of it. And it is available, like some fans edited it together along with the deleted scenes, but it's not like I'm gonna go out of my way to seek it out. Part of the reason why I enjoyed this, in spite of giving it an average rating, is the fact that it feels like a time capsule of what horror movies were like in the 90s. And you can say that for every decade, of course, but I don't know, there's just something about that I enjoyed. The movie is a little goofy at times, so I liked that. Unsure if the film was purposely goofy at times or if it was meant to be taken seriously. Either way, some scenes made me laugh. The acting is ok, I like James Marsden and everything, but there's no real reason to care for his character. There's no real reason to care for ANY character, the character development, at least in this edit of the film, is literally nonexistent. There's the basic stuff, like you establish what type of person a character is, but they don't go much farther beyond that. It is what it is and this is where Nutter's original cut of the film would've, hopefully, helped the most. Just giving you a real reason to care for the characters. Even with that, and some of the issues I have with the scripting and its similarities to Stepford Wives, part of me had fun watching this movie. Not what I would call good, but enjoyable if watched in the right state of mind or with a group of friends that you can have fun with. It's also free if you have Amazon Prime, so there's that. You can't really go wrong with a 'free' movie. And it's less than 85 minutes long, so it doesn't stick around for too long. This is average at best, but a somewhat enjoyable average, if that makes sense.

Dann M (nl) wrote: Bandits is a quirky heist film that delivers laughs, but is messy and unfocused. After breaking out of prison Joe and Terry become infamous bank robbers known as the Sleepover Bandits, but when a lonely housewife takes refuge with them things start to spiral out of control. While the story starts off well enough, once the love triangle is introduced the film quickly comes apart and becomes overburdened with cliches. Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton have some good comedic chemistry, but Cate Blanchett completely hams it up. Though a lot of the comedy plays, Bandits gets caught up in a convoluted love story that doesn't work.

Iie B (de) wrote: Synopsis: Rednecks, city folk, and a guy in a deer fursuit running in front of trucks and yelling "boo". Enough said.After I finished this movie I wandered around the house ranting and raving for five minutes straight, this movie sucked that bad.The Wendigo is an existing creature in Native American myth, and my favorite mythological creature. It once starts as a man, but if it eats enough human flesh, it mutates into the Wendigo, a beast with a ravenous appetite. And it only eats, you guessed it, people.Now how, pray tell, can you take such an inherently cool monster and turn it into an artsy clusterfuck of fail? Cannibals have so much movie potential, yet all we get is the cinematic equivalent of a cat launcher. Cool in theory, but has to be masterfully executed to be effective.Wendigo lacked all these qualities.It's a damn shame. I really thought you could not go wrong with a cannibalistic spirit. Learn something new every day.Time of Death: 0. There was only death in the last ten minutes.Blood and Gore: 0. There was meager splatter and deer carving.Nudity: YesPlot: There was a plot?Dialogue Cheesiness: 7. It was less dialogue and more screaming "GOD DAMNIT."Characters: Rednecks and city folk and deer people, oh my!Afterthoughts: I had high hopes for Wendigo. And it all came crashing down. As I stated earlier, I thought you could not go wrong with a cannibal. How fucking difficult is it to integrate that into a plot? Apparently it takes a rocket scientist.Don't see it. And if you do, tell me where you live so I can come to your house and punch you in the ovaries.

Juan G (de) wrote: Fracture cuenta con un elenco bastante respetado y eso se refleja sobre todo en las actuaciones de Ryan Gosling y del gran Anthony Hopkins. El ritmo es bueno y el manejo de la informacin es mejorSin embargo el argumento posee ciertas lagunas que le bajan la credibilidad.En resumen una pelcula para disfrutar.

Deven W (ag) wrote: I like it guilty pleasure

David J (us) wrote: Shall I compose a sonnet to express my love for thee? No, but I will say this: While "Shakespeare in Love" is historically-inaccurate (more-so than I would have wished) and is most definitely "Oscar-bait," it's also an expertly-crafted, expertly-performed film that will captivate fans of film and fans of the theatre alike.

Timm S (nl) wrote: Clark Kent (Or At Least Reeve Channeling That Character) Travels Back In Time To Become Some Bumbling Love-Interest In A Slow, Staged Love Fling. The Musical Score Whiles You Away At Times, But It Simply Adds To The Dream-Like Drag Of It All. The Only Bit Of Life Was All The Casting Extra's Bringing The "Grand Hotel - Mackinac Island" In Toronto Back To Ye Olde Life. There Was Potential Here, But Unless You're A Closet Romantic, It Will Be Lost On You.

Richard A (es) wrote: A very nice story. Entertaining for kids and adults.