An old man (Dileep) narrates his love story and about the curse his family possess to a bunch of teenagers.

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Mike V (kr) wrote: This neo-Western was a surprise. In many ways it is a simple film, which, apart from a few high action scenes, relies more on its very clever script. The performances are good and you find yourself having to make a decision regarding whose side you are on and who you want to survive. My only criticism is the mumbling - especially by the male actors. We had to turn on the subtitles just to understand what was being said. AAN

Art S (fr) wrote: Murnau certainly had an eye for images, here found on Bora Bora and Tahiti, with amazing use of light and framing. Inspired by Flaherty, he uses an all native cast to tell a fabled story of paradise and paradise lost. Surprisingly for 1931 this is relatively noncondescending to the culture in focus (although certainly some aspects are dated). The fable is a simple story and the roles taken also require simplicity in outlook and action. In these symbolic roles, the boy and girl and the sinister leader, Hitu, are all excellent -- only the shark seems fake. Murnau keeps the pace moving along and the viewer is sure to be wowed.

Ziko Mo I (de) wrote: thes is my favourite film

Sgt C (nl) wrote: (43%)Heat's slow, less entertaining brother. Worth a watch but only just.

Nancy C (it) wrote: 4/5 Same director as "Beyond the Hills", same style same tightly wound gripping story about two women over friendship, and the lengths ones goes to to help another...Very realistic, shows the relationship between one who is aggressive/decisive and one who just passive/doesn't try and how in the end, it's just [_____].Btw, I'm pro-choice.

Kenneth A (nl) wrote: This movie gets too much a bad rep. Either ignorant liberals immediately hate it simply because it's Atlas Shrugged or Hardcore objectivists hate it for not living up to their standards. I'ts stuck between a rock and a hard place.Firstly this isn't the book. This is a movie. So lets not compare it to the book and look at it on its own merits. Its not great. But it's nowhere near as bad as reviewed.It's an average film. If you don't like dialog and boring dinner scenes this isn't for you. However this is designed for a different audience. I actually enjoyed it. Not in the way I enjoy a 5 star epic; but in a different more tame way.It's really not fair to judge a movie because they had a low budget either. I'll put this straight out their as a non biased source. It's not as bad as the reviews claim.

Seshnag S (au) wrote: The music is probably the only aspect of the movie that is good. The casting, budget and everything else is big and huge.. A big and huge disappointment. Definitely not worth watching, unless you are forced by having a gun to your head.

Aaron C (au) wrote: I love this brand of Spanish film, it's like watching a whole ridiculously complicated soap opera rolled into one film. The director obviously has been strongly influenced by Almodovar and even gives his thanks by referencing him within the film. I thought the story was ridiculous, I laughed a few times and had a nice time watching it. It's no masterpiece but definately worth checking out.

Robin T (mx) wrote: Nice scenery, good battle scenes and interesting plot. And oh yeah, they were really sneaky about everything. But them asians are always sneaky ;)

Tony O (kr) wrote: Very moving film about a relationship between two brothers, one of whom has a mysterious illness. The familial awkwardness is palpable, as is the bond between them. Very well done.

Dena S (mx) wrote: i can't not watch something with Bon Jovi!!!

Jeff B (us) wrote: Both Siskel and Ebert gushed over this film, so I figured I should check it out. A sort of crime thriller from 1992 written by Billy Bob Thornton, some drug dealers in LA kill a bunch of people then go on the run across the country, heading toward Arkansas. Of course, the LAPD officers who go to the small town where the killers are headed don't think the police Chief Bill Paxton is ready for this serious action. It's a well told story, very good acting, and I like the way everything unfolds. While I didn't really care for some of the parts of the story, it made up for it with other parts of the story, and the last shot is pretty amazing. Worth checking out.

Kem W (kr) wrote: An interesting costume drama on the lives of England's King Henry 2 and Thomas Becket. Peter O'Toole is all bombast and vanity as the king. Richard Burton plays Thomas Becket with a spirituality I'd never thought possible. Good historical fiction and it's definitely worth a look if you like classic films. John Gielgud is great as French King Louis VII. Recommended.

Troy S (kr) wrote: I got to stay up past my bed-time on a school night to watch this! Boy was I a happy kindergartener!

Kevin B (jp) wrote: One of my favorite films of all time!

Sana J (ru) wrote: A brilliant idea beautifully embodied with some fine acting and amazing dialogues. Deep and philosophical on multiple levels. This is a movie about family, love, relationships, work, character-building and everything in between life and death.