Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

Two girlhood friends become sexual rivals at maturity.

The movie tells the story of a pair of lifelong friends, Tara and Maya, a princess and her servant girl, who become sexual rivals at maturity as Maya and Tara's husband have some affair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love torrent reviews

Donald P (gb) wrote: Great Cop show! Realistic, and I would know!

Prathaban M (ca) wrote: A beautiful piece of work. After his graceful debut in Azagiya Theeye, Radha Mohan has again delivered one of the better Tamil movies in recent times. His direction is spot-on - simply flawless. As far as his screenplay goes, he could have avoided the stereotype love at first sight thing at the beginning. And some scenes did drag the movie at times, but overall it was a praiseworthy effort. Jyothika has outperformed everyone in this movie. She really portrays her character so well that as a viewer you start to admire her character rather than sympathize with the character. Prithvi does the difficult parts well, but he seemed so aware of the camera in some of the simple dialog scenes. His portrayal is a lesson to all those sick idiots like Vijay who try to picture themselves as perfect beings in their movies. Prithvi and director do it with so little effort while attracting the viewers rather than repelling them. Prakashraj was perfect. The Prithvi-Prakashraj-Brahmanadam comedy were genuinely funny. Such a relief from repetitive comedies like Vadivelus. And Basker as the professor was splendid. Swarnamalya did not really fit in that league though she did not do bad as to spoil the tempo. The biggest minus of the movie - the BGM. For such a poetic, peaceful movie, it deserved a much better BGM than this. Imagine Illayarajah composing the BGM for this movie - it would have been magic. The songs were alright. Hats off to this movie. One of the few Tamil movies in recent times that manage to make you feel proud about.

E L (de) wrote: In this day and age of talent shows, what better than a documentary about actual talented people, without (most) of the egos and catfights that tiresomely entertain the unwashed masses? You know what you're going to get with this movie about the hopes and dreams of dancers auditioning for their big break, with a film that is curiously about the making of making of a musical. And it combines all the right ingredients to deliver what the audience wants. It's hardly going to say anything new, but the personalities are very engaging.

Kerem G (it) wrote: Another good short comedy.

Ted C (mx) wrote: Liam Mercer is not the only boys body buried at St Judas where did they bury John McCarthy...

Greg R (gb) wrote: what a wonderfully acted little drama...set in Cape Breton, with a hauntingly beautiful final scene....Parker and Jenkins in particular shine...builds the characters slowly and with tension...i'm not usually a fan of english canadian movies but this one is certainly worth a watch

Nikolaos S (jp) wrote: I fell asleep during most of the second half of the film but enjoyed the part that I was awake.I doubt it would make more sense even if I was awake though

Chris C (au) wrote: Charming, funny and heartfelt, Chances Are tugs at the heartstrings and proves true love can forever---and shines with great performances by Robert Downey, Jr. and Cybill Shepherd.

Mark N (br) wrote: Bizarre exploration movie with a stronger script than most and more lingering nudity than most. They do a lot with a small budget and every set is well dressed and effectively filmed even if the performances and script are pretty dire. In a movie with so much nudity, BDSM and unnecessary surgery quality of actor was not going to be an issue. Plenty of bad movie fun to be had.

Conner R (gb) wrote: A really cool movie and John Wayne doing what he does best, killing commies and seducing Lauren Bacall. The on location look to it really sells it though, it doesn't feel like just a generic studio movie, it looks like they're in China. It's interesting that John Wayne co-directed this at such an early time to, it's a great job for a first movie or a seasoned director. All around it's just a fun semi-war movie with some interesting early views on communism.

Shirley M (es) wrote: Saw it before and really love her movies

John H (gb) wrote: Probably the best documentary on Page so far.

Stuart D (us) wrote: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. It came across as a project that lead Steve Martin and co-writer Carl Reiner obviously cared for, plenty here for students of film to get their teeth in to. For me though, as fun as this film noir-ha-ha is, I'm just not the target audience. The references are before my time and the general laughs, without the knowledge needed to get some of the in-jokes, are just too few and far apart. For those with a love of forties film noir or those of the requisite age, you'll find a lot more than I did here, otherwise this isn't a film I could recommend