• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,   arnis,  

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Kamagong torrent reviews

Charlotta L (de) wrote: I don't know what it is about Joey Lawrence, but I like him. This movie though...I didn't like. Lawrence was good as his character,Melissa Joan Hart was...well not. Or I think it was the fact that there was no real chemestry between the two. Predictable. Chick Flick. Dull. Nothing special at all and not really good...You saw the ending coming as soon as the two main characters met each other. Don't get me wrong movies like that can be good...this one...was not.

Eliabeth R (br) wrote: Que decepcin de pelcula, siendo la protagonista una de las mas aclamadas de estos momentos solo es un film mediocre, de bajo presupuesto y con el resto de actores de relleno, ni para ver en casa

Tuomas J (au) wrote: A quite sympathetic little film.

Francisco B (de) wrote: Despus de un fin de semana muy cinfilo llega la hora de la "resaca", y de poner por escrito las sensaciones que han provocado todas las pelculas. Desgraciadamente, no hay casi ninguna buena, aunque poda haber sido mucho peor. Y le llega ahora el turno a Ausentes, el nuevo trabajo de Daniel Calparsoro, despus de la cinta blica Guerreros (porque para lo que es el cine espaol, Guerreros es pura pica blica xD). En esta ocasin nos ofrece un thriller, una pelcula de terror, pero no por el miedo que de, sino por lo mal hecha que est (quienes no la hayan visto y an quieran verla, no sigan leyendo). Y no tiene una mala direccin ni ambientacin, todo lo contrario, sino un psimo guin, ms previsible que el final de Titanic, y con menos emocin que el citado trabajo de Cameron. Porque te hueles el final desde el minuto 30 de una forma tan clara, que incluso llegas a pensar que est hecho a propsito, para despistar al espectador y sorprenderle con un inesperado giro de guin. Pero no es as, desgraciadamente. Desde la escena del supermecado empiezas a sospechar que no hay ninguna "conspiracin", sino que Julia se ha vuelto completamente loca. Lo nico bueno de Ausentes son las interpretaciones, tanto de los dos nios, Omar Muoz y Nacho Prez, como la de Jordi Moll. Mencin aparte merece Ariadna Gil, que est esplndida. Un saludo!

James D (es) wrote: Hysterical, great to see Matt Stone and Trey Parker can take the same comedy from South Park and put it into a movie

Anthony B (mx) wrote: Another entertaining feature from Full Moon.

Samuel D (br) wrote: A film that has the power to change the way one views the world - especially inside suburban America.

Velma S (ru) wrote: I like this movie cute and sad....could be a better script and slightly better acting..but its one of those movies you watch when there is nothing on tv and you feel like killing time.

Jennifer R (au) wrote: excellant political thriller! i love these kinds of movies! ed harris is the man!!!

Larry W (ca) wrote: It's nice to see the unenthusiastic ratings this film is now garnering--that's about what it deserves. Viciously maligned at the time of its release, Bogdanovich stumbled with this surely, but didn't fail so spectacularly as reviewers at the time would have had you believe. Sure, there are obvious weaknesses: There's no plot to speak of, Shepherd's voice is terrible (though technically functional,) and you're never convinced by any of the lead romances. Still, a few things do work: Reynolds is surprisingly charming (and sings better than his turn in Whorehouse would lead you to believe,) and Madeline Kahn is... Well, she's Madeline effin' Kahn! And the scenes shared by Eileen Brennan and John Hillerman, unlike those between the four principals, are downright charming. If you're a fan of Cole Porter, Bogdanovich or the cast, give it a shot. If you're a casual viewer looking for a lively or interesting musical, pass.

Gavin P (ru) wrote: Starts promisingly, as a World War I French Colonel, Dax (Douglas), is ordered to attack a fortified German position and a battle ensues. They fail horribly and the dodgy General Mireau (Macready) wants to court martial the entire division for being cowards. Unfortunately, the film then becomes a political courtroom drama, with some good acting from Douglas and General Broulard (Menjou), but it gets boring and you don't really care for the three scapegoats enough. Sure, strong points about the futility of war and how corrupt even the good guys were/are, but it definitely became less interesting, even though it's only an 85min film. Poor ending too. Kubrick's 'Full Metal Jacket' was much better made and executed.

Kenneth C (it) wrote: Brilliantly filmed and edited, Man With a Movie Camera is a brilliant documentary despite its lack of purpose, dialog, or plot. Its revolutionary use of unprecedented filming techniques plus the tediously terrific editing very much shows that it was light years ahead of its time. The film starts out slow, but as it nears the end, with the music at full power, and the cuts going all over the place, when the film ended, I just had to sit in awe at what I had seen. Man With a Movie Camera is a documentary that every documentary lover MUST watch. It is mandatory.

Bavner D (ru) wrote: Hanya berdurasi 92 menit, tetapi sungguh menyajikan tontonan komedi yang menarik. Walaupun cerita seakan mengalir dengan cepat, namun konflik yang disajikan cukup menghibur. Karakter Rowley yang menjadi unik akan dirinya sendiri mampu memberikan perhatian sendiri, dan terlihat perubahan ketika adanya konflik dalam persahabatan mereka.