Kamasutra for Gay Men

Kamasutra for Gay Men


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Kamasutra for Gay Men 2009 full movies, Kamasutra for Gay Men torrents movie

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Kamasutra for Gay Men torrent reviews

Dorian G (au) wrote: Kinda boring, more computer espionage than actual spying. Some good thoughtful plot elements, although a little confusing. Could have used a lot more action.Watched on Netflix with Sam at her place, May 23, 2016.

John P (kr) wrote: Excellent film, kind of like an "Indie" version of "The Pursuit of Happiness." John Leguizamo and David Castro give top-notch performances, a must see for anyone with a heart!

Donna A (fr) wrote: I watched this movie years ago with my mum and dad and I couldn't stop laughing.

Caleb M (de) wrote: Excellent Cold War propaganda. Filled with over-simplifications and stereotypes, this film was nominated for Best Feature-length Documentary in 1951 due to some occasional historical references and that it was based on "true" events (many of which were fabricated).

Blake P (ru) wrote: Kay Latimer (Grable), her sister Susan (Landis), and their aunt (Greenwood) work at a crappy drive-in restaurant in the south, and one day all of the food-making/delivering really gets to them. After much speculation they decide to go with Kay's "foolproof" plan to travel to Miami, marry rich men, and live bathing in gold. Considering Kay is beautiful, she picks up two men within a week, the witty, charming Phil (Ameche) and the nice, easy-come-easy-go Jeffrey (Cummings). To make it seem less obvious, Susan masquerades as Kay's secretary, and her aunt acts as the maid. In the meantime, Kay truly falls in love with Phil, and soon enough that's the guy she picks. But it turns out that Phil is actually broke, and the two confess the only reason they started dating each other was to get money-- so they separate, and so Kay accepts Jeff's marriage proposal. But when Susan walks into the picture, things might turn out the way they should. "Moon Over Miami" shows Betty Grable at her prime-- young, pretty, and in Technicolor. She continued to wow audiences with lighthearted musicals like this one until 1955, but this was when she was the most appealing: she was a fresh face at this time, and the fame did everything they could to make her ravishing. Sure, this movie is forgettable, but it's so feel-good and entertaining that everything wrong with it is forgiven. We're watching this for an escape from reality, and that's exactly what it does. None of the songs are that memorable, but luckily the dance numbers are, as is the nice looking Technicolor scenery. Overall, "Moon Over Miami" isn't that special and can never be as good as let's say, "Singin' in the Rain". But it does exactly what it's supposed to and shows Grable at her prime: something that everybody will like.

Russell H (gb) wrote: funny and entertaining. Surprised I didn't get around to watching it for almost 20 years.

Alexandra L (ag) wrote: Film trs mouvant et trs dur sur... euh... on dira le syndrome de stress post-traumatique de Carla, une jeune femme ayant fui le Nicaragua pour l'cosse.