Kambing jantan

Kambing jantan

Dika, nicknamed Kambing, continues his study in Australia and takes a finance degree that he doesn't have any interest in. Problem arises because he has to undergo long distance relationship with his girlfriend that causes the swelling of expenses and study difficulties. Then he meets a friend from primary school who believes that he can be a comedy writer. This opens up his mind in his search for identity.

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Steve W (ru) wrote: The Secret World of Arrietty is an excellent animated feature from Studio Ghibli. It finds that simple emotional core of family and protectiveness and delivers a visually pleasing and excited adventure. The very good English dub also helps too, for a whimsical and light tale for the whole family.

Alexandra P (ca) wrote: Watchable... I laughed...

Sue S (br) wrote: I felt sorry for Wilton, but at least he had his family. The guy I felt sorry for was the one whose father was a cop and didn't visit once for the 12 years his son was wrongfully in prison. "I put people in jail, I don't visit them."

Forrest P (es) wrote: Pretty Persuasion should have focused on trying to be a straight comedy or moving, provocative drama. Settling for something in the middle worked for movies like M*A*S*H that knew how to handle the dark stuff in a light-hearted manner, but Pretty Persuasion had no idea how to properly accomplish this. This is a movie about three high school girls (played by Evan Rachel Wood, Elisabeth Harnois, and Adi Schnall) inspiring to be actresses who accuse their teacher (Ron Livingston) of sexually harassing them. What part of this is suppose to be funny? I suppose the notion that Ron Livingston would sexually harass high school girls is pretty funny. Something that I found out very quickly with this movie is that the "comedy" that the film aimed for did not work at all. There was not a single funny joke in the film, mostly because the lead characters are too cruel to really be found funny or witty. Most of the plot revolves around the trial as the three girls lie to make the teacher seem to be a perverted human being. I think my readers may see why this comedy did not work for me. This is a very real issue that happens in high schools more often than not and it is very difficult to accept light-hearted fun being poked at it. So for the first seventy minutes of the hundred and four minute running time, I found myself watching a very unpleasant and rather cruel film full of leads that I did not enjoy watching at all. Other detractors from this film include cinematography that is only so-so and occasionally poor editing. These things are not enough to make a film good or bad, but they can make a big difference in the way an audience enjoys a film. I wanted better craftsmanship than what I got. But things started to change after the first seventy minutes. The last half-hour of this film is... quite good. I have never, in fact, in all the films that I have watched, seen a film that was able to become so good in it's final act. The comedy was dropped and the drama was focused on and... it worked. It really, really worked. Had the whole film had the kind of impact the last half hour did, I might have liked this picture. As it is, however, I cannot bring myself to like or appreciate a film that did not bother to move me as an audience member until the last thirty minutes. The entire first two thirds of the film was awful. I hated the characters, the comedy failed miserably, the dialogue was subpar at best, and the complex themes that the film begins to bring up are horribly overlooked or manipulated entirely. As a comedy/drama, this film does not hold water. I cannot say that enough. Had the film really tried to be one or the other, I might hold a different opinion. But as it stands, there just was not enough meat in this movie to hold it together. 4/10

John T (us) wrote: If you really love your woman, you should let her sleep around... no, wait, what?

Alejandro A (gb) wrote: This is a great movie y'all gotta watch it!!!!

Harry W (es) wrote: Bad Lieutenant can be summarized by the first word in the film title.It would take courage for Harvey Keitel to step of to this role, but it would take even more courage to claim you directed this piece of crap. This film actually manages to go nowhere. Nothing happens except for Harvey Keitel pulling off a depressingly hollow performance supported by a terrible script. Although it would take courage for Harvey Keitel to take on this role and is a good actor, the film provides him with repetitive boring sequences where he can do nothing that isn't cliche or massively empty. The scene where Harvey Keitel is in the church was alright, but in the end Bad Lieutenant is massively lackluster and a misfire because it doesn't capitalize on the fact that he is a lieutenant, just that he likes drugs and sex. Also, the premise is hollow, the drama is slow and in the end, it's just one of the worst movies i have ever seen.

Roman R (us) wrote: "Map of the Human Heart" es un estupendo romance situado durante la segunda guerra mundial y contado desde el punto de vista de un eskimal. La cinta inicia con el encuentro con un explorador ingls durante su infancia, quin lo llevar a conocer al amor de su vida en un hospital (ella y l son pacientes). El reparto da muy buenas actuaciones y su director Vincent Ward crea estupendas composiciones (sin duda merece de una edicin especial en bluray). Esta es una joya, no muy conocida, de los noventas.

Ossi T (it) wrote: Joo, tytt Kaurismki-laatua. Eleetnt dialogia, tahallista tahatonta komiikkaa ja loistava juonta. Emm osaa oikein erotella nit, kun ovat kaikki niin hyvi. Yksinkertasesti tiukka.

Thomas K (es) wrote: It was funny and thrilling and surprising and didn't make much money, though it should have been huge.

Steve M (br) wrote: Has it's moments of hilarity.

Tommy C (kr) wrote: haven't seen it but looks good

Ian R (de) wrote: Breezy comedy about a bunch of soldiers who certainly do not make up the image of America's fighting men. Hijinks, sex, booze, pranks, even a football game. Put Altman on the map and deservedly so.