A caretaker encounters Anton Chekov and spends a lonely night and day in his company.

Via the New York Times: "...a severely obscure meditation on pre-revolutionary Russia in the form of an encounter between a ghost from the past and the ghost's present-day guardian. In fact, the two characters seem to be the shade of Anton Chekhov and the young man who tends a Chekhov museum in the Crimea, though that is never made explicit." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle L (ru) wrote: ABCs of Death 2 is a huge improvement over its predecessor and in many ways it is even way better than the first ABCs Of Death because this film has so many things that critics and fans want more over the first film. We all know the storyline of ABCs Of Death 2. Its consist of 26 segments in alphabetical order each surrounding different themes and stories based on ideas from different directors around the world where each director can make their own ideas for each segment and each segment deals with themes of death which is what the title of the movie is about. As I said in my review of the first film I love The ABCs of Death it is a great anthology film that is entertaining despite its flaws since it is really weird and awkward from start to finish. When the sequel went into pre production I was surprised that there was a sequel in development and I was hoping it will be a huge step over its predecessor and guess what. It is a huge step over the first film in terms of style and execution. The ABCs Of Death 2 is even way better than the first film because this time the segments are darker, more serious, more shocking, more grotesque and more disturbing and brutal than the first film. What's great about ABCs of Death 2 is that this time the segments is outstanding and each segment is more entertaining than the last segment and every segment worked quite well than some of the segments in the first movie. Seriously ABCs Of Death 2 rocks really hard in a very outstanding and well achieved way. There are tons of disturbing, super bloody, gory, brutal and shocking scenes in several segments (Check out the intense sequence in the first segment A is for Amateur where you get to see the assassin get his hand impaled on a nail and his face gets stuck in the wall of the vent super disgusting scene along with an extremely close up of the target getting shot in the neck and blood starts to squirt out of the neck and mouth, The infamous and disgusting graphic and gory beheading in C is for Capital Punishment, The extremely painful scene in F is for Falling where the Israeli woman breaks her leg and we get to see a close up of her bone sticking out of her leg, The shocking slow motion scene in M is for Masticate where a guy high on drugs rips a skin of a man's face with his own teeth, The brutal surgery of the head in Q is for Questionnaire, The shocking head shot in R is for Roulette, The extremely graphic and brutal close up of a lady getting her head bashed with a hammer in S is for Split along with the brutal stabbing of two boys with a screwdriver in V is for Vacation, The shocking and disturbing scene in X is for Xylophone where we see the babysitter using the bones of the little girl she's babysitting into a Xylophone, A guitar coming out of a guy's mouth in Y is for Youth and the super disgusting and pure graphic scene where all the intestines and other body parts of a woman are removed in a super unsettling and disturbing plus graphic and gory way in Z is for Zygote also I love the disturbing opening sequence before the segments start). What I also like about The ABCs Of Death 2 is that several of the segments also has a very realistic concept like F is for Falling and M is for Masticate because those concepts are realistic and some of those could happen to people in real life. The other highlight of this movie is the effects and the effects are well used in one segment that relies heavily on stop motion or clay motion and some outstanding animation as well(D is for Deloused and H is for Head Games) and some also has some good humor and some of the segments also has the feel of the 1930's and 1950's and 60's(E is for Equilibrium, P is for P-P-P-P Scary and R is for Roulette) plus I love the soundtrack used in several segments(A is for Amateur etc....) and the effects are done pretty well in the whole movie. And although there were some bad segments and some of them were also weird(I is for Invincible, E is for Equilibrium, G is for Grandad) the rest is ok and is easy to overlook the flaws of this film plus the cinematography and camera work is outstanding and cool. Also I was surprised that there is one segment in Tagalog since I live in the Philippines I was surprised for real that one particular segment is in Tagalog since a Filipino director directed the segment I is for Invincible so I think it was kinda cool to have the Philippines part of The ABCs Of Death 2. Now the acting is impressive as always all of the casts in each segment did an amazing job with their performances in this movie. All the directors involved in making the segments for this movie did an incredible job with their work in each segment. I personally think Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo(Inside) did a very good job with their work on their segment for this movie that's X is for Xylophone because that segment shocked me the most and it is also the most disturbing segment in the movie out of all the other segments so all the directors did an amazing job with their work on this movie while some did ok but at least the directors did a much better job with their work on this film than the previous directors for the first film. Overall The ABCs Of Death 2 is surprising sequel that is more entertaining, more twisted, more shocking and more disturbing than the first film and my favorite segment in this movie is X is for Xylophone along with A is for Amateur, C is for Capital Punishment and Z is for Zygote. This movie gets a 10/10.

Maximiliano D (mx) wrote: Just awesome. Give Andy Serkis an Oscar or something, because he makes this movie. Spectacular visual effects, brilliantly directed, and everything I hoped it would be.

Unni P (ag) wrote: Loved it and great to see new wave Bollywood stuff, really uplifting entertainer, throughly enjoyed it and for a moment fantasized if the adults could show half the courage exhibited by the kids, the world would be generally a better place :-)

eliabeth s (es) wrote: I loved some of the quotes that were said in this film. being a little bit older than the visual age of the actors, I was able to fully understand majority of the problems faced in this film some of those including: loss, heartbreak and bullying. This is a brilliant and inspiring film definitely aimed at the whole family for all ages

Natalie M (ag) wrote: So unique and interesting.

Cameron J (br) wrote: Less energetic than it is fast; there are so many cuts we don't get much time to appreciate the talent of the actors on the screen. The performances are excellent and the songs are catchy. Worthy of praise though missing a little more heart - it seems to tell the story more than it does live it, except in some scenes where Hudson and Beyonce and Eddie Murphy steal the show.

Adrian K (ag) wrote: It's no "Wedding Singer"...

Ethan S (au) wrote: I remember watching this movie back before the CGI iteration of the series came out. It's not as good as I remember it, but It's still a good movie.

Ahmed S (mx) wrote: calm romantic yet impressing and convincing tragic drama

Carl R (us) wrote: Not his best work but still an enjoyable film.

John M (br) wrote: Spike Lee's ultimate hangout film is also an incredibly profound look at racism and African American culture. Made in 1989, it's just as relevant today and probably more so. The cinematography is inventive, all the performances are wacky and wonderful and there's so many ideas here that always feel are brought to full circle. It's a very memorable and profound film that's more personal than anything Spike's ever done.