Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls

Momoko is an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life. Ordinary, that is, if you define ordinary as wearing elaborate lolita dresses from the Rococo period in 18th Century France. However, when punk girl and self-styled 'Yanki' Ichiko comes calling, her days as 'ordinary' are most certainly numbered...

Momoko, a strange and seemingly emotionless girl obsessed with 18th century France, befriends a Yanki biker and the two experience the ups and downs of their unusual lives in a rural Japanese town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kamikaze Girls torrent reviews

Becky E (au) wrote: WORST movie I've ever seen. Horrible acting, dialogue, editing, horrible everything. I can not stress just how bad this movie is!

Dany P (it) wrote: Pretty and arty, a movie about the decay of a character who is unlikeable from the start, and it only gets worse. A few dialogues are entertaining or worth debating, the rest is mostly sex and a dash of crime. An ok movie.

Matt W (kr) wrote: i really liked the first hour, then i fell asleep. not because of the movie, i was just sleepy.

Taylor R (ca) wrote: What would a girl like her see in a depressed, depressing, loner like Jim? And honestly, you think a guy like that would EVER let a girl like that slip away?

Im El Capitano A (es) wrote: Wow...gotta see this!!!

Gillian G (es) wrote: Very good on the eyes & ears

Alan V (ru) wrote: It's no 'Troll 2,' but it's worth watching for many of the same reasons. Plus, June Lockhart and Sonny Bono!

Arash B (ca) wrote: I expected this to be at least entertaining but it's pure crap in every aspect, Such a waste of time

Michael M (ca) wrote: One of the greatest movies of all time. For once I was in total agreement when this took Best Picture. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?