Kamilla og tyven II

Kamilla og tyven II


Kamilla and the Thief - Part 2 continues where the first Kamilla movie ends. Sebastian going to jail, but Kamilla did not fail his friend, even if she refused to have contact with him and is bullied because she is "a friend of a thief." Kamilla is the only one who believes in Sebastian when he says that he will not steal. Can Sebastian to keep that promise? Kamilla is faithful - but is it enough? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex C (it) wrote: Interesting even for a person who knows nothing about cars. Could do without Jeremy Clarkson and Dr. Phil, though.

Peter H (us) wrote: Aaargh! Shark Swarm. What can I say. Daryl Hannah looks like she is retaining water. A flock of pelicans flying with the sound of seagulls. 12 people eaten by sharks, including three school kids and nobody in the town is batting an eyelid. The suspense is so watered down that Jaws would die with embarrassment. Don't bother with this one!!!

Corey B (ag) wrote: I'm not with alot of people on this...I love this movie, Despite the bad reviews and all the shit talk i hear about it....I think the movies went in a better direction than the games..I mean Imbreds??? ???Come On

Jose Alberto R (us) wrote: i want to buy it but i cant find it

Michael C (jp) wrote: It isn't the best directed film, but the film excels most when Pryor is allowed to illustrate very painful, true elements from his life (he maintains this film isn't autobiographical, but since he's pretty much the only black comedian raised in a brothel with several wives, a drug issue, and an accident that set him on fire while freebasing, it is clear that is not entirely accurate). Whether it be the burning accident that almost took his life (which frames most of this story), his destructive behavior in each of his many marriages, his conversion from a Bill Cosby type act to a dark and profane but brilliant social commentator, the film touches on these elements in a way that brings them to life and Pryor's comedic virtuosity is constantly evident. The film falls flat when it is pulled away from Richard, especially during the nightclub scenes, and the severely 80's soundtrack from Herbie Hancock is pretty camp at this point. It is a very flawed film with some secondary performances that are wildly forgettable and an "Its a Wonderful Life" type theme that has mixed results (sometimes its hilarious, sometimes heavy handed), but it still is a treat and a real insight for fans of the comedian.

Spookie M (nl) wrote: Really fun crash-em-up movie. Ron Howard's directorial debut for Roger Corman is a really goofy chase movie not unlike Cannonball Run or Smokey and the Bandit. Good times!

Eric R (it) wrote: Frank Enley and his wife live in suburbia outside of Los Angeles. One day while Frank is off on a fishing trip, a stranger comes to their door looking for Frank. He refuses to leave any message and leaves after learning of Frank's whereabouts. This man it turns out served under Frank during WWII and is out for revenge on Frank for reasons that I won't spoil here. Act of Violence is an impeccably noir by Fred Zinnemann who is more known for 'High Noon' and 'From Here to Eternity'. It really captures a man who is absolutely haunted by his past to the point of potential death due too his guilt. The film embodies the repression of emotions which likely existed for many veteran's after the war and how everyone has things in which they regret. Robert Ryan and Van Hefin, who play the stranger and Frank respectively are both fantastic in the film.

Eliabeth S (mx) wrote: Can't stand Steven Seagal

Derrick A (ru) wrote: One of the best Sam Rockwell performances.

Jonathan S (br) wrote: The best parts are when the creature is swimming in the tank with the fish at Sea World.

Alexandre C (fr) wrote: "Do you want my help? Tell me what to say but don't tell me what to say." To that, the best line in the movie, I say, "it's not funny." I wish I could wipe this one clean with Windex.