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Kamla torrent reviews

Nick M (nl) wrote: Better than the first one but not as good as the second one. This one goes back to the roots of the first movie but adds more twists that someone might not necessarily expect when watching this. It starts off pretty ridiculous but gets better as the "story" progresses.

Waddah A (br) wrote: One of the best inspirational movies, very touching.

Jennifer M (de) wrote: I think I came onto something interesting.

Simon T (au) wrote: First of the really popular Bond movies, with the perfect balance of outrageous set-pieces and sly humour. Yes, it's fairly obvious (look at those skies!) that the UK is standing in for Kentucky and Fort Knox, but Connery is, as ever, excellent as Bond James Bond - and Gert Frobe (dubbed superbly by Michael Collins) is a marvellous Trump-like villain. Only the slightly tedious final shootout at Fort Knox weakens things.

Ben J (us) wrote: Unassuming, but not stuffed full of the eye candy special effects that demeans so many other Marvel adaptations. Far better than the ratings suggest can see this gaining a cult status.

Andrew L (es) wrote: Wonderfully warped comedy. Probably Gilliam's most easy to watch film.

Ibraheem M (es) wrote: "Gandhi" succeeded as an epic on so many levels featuring remarkable performance from Ben Kingsley who captures the spiritual divine and simplicity of Gandhi, wrapped up by astonishing Richard Attenborough direction that makes the film events as authentic as possible.

Dean H (de) wrote: Watching Peter's post therapy behavior at his job is extremely cathartic.

Stephen R (de) wrote: it would appear stella likes westerns more than stanley...classics at least...wonder what thats about...uh oh they are retsaging an ole standoff now