KAMUI is a Ninja on the run from the world of Ninja bound by rules in search of true freedom. However, he is burdened with the fate, where it is not allowed to take the secret of their powers outside of the tribe -- if you are born as Ninja, you must die as Ninja. This brings him to constantly fight for his life against other Ninjas who trie to kill him and hide the secrets within. He does not trust, and he does not love. Showing weakness leads to immediate death. An incident brings him to an old fisherman's village, where he finally starts to feel trust and affection towards other people. However, his pursuers where just minutes away from setting up a huge trap on Kamui...

The adventurous story of a fugitive ninja. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Renae A (es) wrote: Nice play on the disaster genre, but not enough of an "outside" story line to keep interest throughout the movie. A must see for the disaster movie buff, that just has to have seen every available disaster flick out there. Otherwise you can pass it on by without worrying that you've missed something important.

Ngo M (kr) wrote: Liked it ^^ Enjoy the storyline and the casts too ^^ thanks to Louis Koo (C? Thin Lac), Daniel Wu (Ng Ngan T?), (Ching Wan Lau) Lu Thanh Vn

Chelsey K (fr) wrote: Oh I really liked it! A horse movie made by people who actually know something about horses, it's refreshing.

Pilar G (kr) wrote: One of the most delightful, imaginative movies I've ever seen. I'm glad I didn't bother watching a trailer-- the movie unfolded like a simple, beautiful flower. (no pun intended!)

Alex A (ag) wrote: Compared to most other outings of the all-too-often corny Martial Arts genre, Bloodsport is popcorn fun and watchable. The idea of a no holds barred, illegal MMA-esque tournament where fighters from all over the world with different styles duel to the death is a fun concept. Now that being said, the acting is mediocre, the fight choreography, though entertaining, is mundane in terms of quality, and the film oozes with 80's action cheesiness. To it's credit, Bloodsport is one of Van Damme's better films, and it's perfectly adequate to kill an hour and a half with.

Justin O (de) wrote: My favorite cheesy-horror flick, it was so unintenionally funny due to the cheesy dialouge and horrible acting. Not scary at all, but I recommend this highly to any cheesy horror fans.