Kanaka Simhasanam

Kanaka Simhasanam

Kanakambaran(Jayaram) owner/actor of a failing theatrical company gets a chance to enact a real-life drama.

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Michael B (es) wrote: Surprisingly not featuring the similarly named song as its title. Huh.Problems with this one include: an annoyingly frequent use of jump-cuts to the same scene, Randy Wayne's movie-long struggle to emote accordingly with the slew of tragedy he encounters, and character motivations that aren't fully developed.Props to the story, however for: realistically embracing both the optimistic viewpoints of religion while using them to deal with the harshness and uncomfortable scenarios of reality, decent transitioning between scenes, and while tackling more controversial issues like abortion and divorce, doesn't vilify opposing viewpoints to achieve its objective. :)

Anh H (jp) wrote: Mission impossible: couldn't even finish half the movie, too much "love" I wanna throw up.

Jiana W (fr) wrote: Good premise. A lovestruck teenager with a debilitating handicap (severe stuttering) seeks to overcome it and his doubters by participating in a public debate. It didn't end the way I had originally thought it would but I give it kudos for that. The debate dialogue is very, very quick. So quick I can't believe these kids could actually speak that fast and yet articulate perfectly. The most notable one is Anna Kendrick, whose character, Ginny, is a wizard with words. Nerds will appreciate her character, if for no other reason than her gift for confounding her lessers (like Hal's brother) with her sharp tongue. Unfortunately, I rarely found this movie funny or as great as the jacket led me to believe.

Kimberly T (de) wrote: An enthralling adult romance about a boy and woman in "love". Soap opera style.

Tim M (br) wrote: Lame cop drama with a few action scenes. Not worth seeing the whole movie for them.

Al S (mx) wrote: A hard-boiled and riveting police thriller. It`s Dark Blue meets L.A Confidential. It packs more impact than from the barrel of a shotgun. A stylish, intense, multi-layered and character driven film that`s down, deep and fantastic. It`s heart-pounding and wickedly entertaining from start to finish. A solid story that`s packed with action, nail-biting suspense and also scores with a tremendous cast of stars who all deliver great performances, especially Stephen Dorff. Dorff is absolutely sensational, he gives his best performance in years, he shows a great amount of emotion, toughness and raw power. David Boreanaz is terrific. James Woods is excellent. Dominic Purcell is thrilling. Walton Goggins is wonderful. A tough, pistol-packing and engaging, edge of your seat action-packed thriller.

Andrew C (jp) wrote: Another good doco though it does drag a bit, and watching it requires quite a lot of patience and sympathy for the kind of people that made Jerry Springer possible.

Nathaniel R (mx) wrote: i expected more out of this movie

Michael S (es) wrote: A very strange and thoughtful 70s drama with dark and comedic twists. Directed by John Huston and starring Brad Dourif, the film tackles a lot of themes and adapts to a variety of tones throughout, making for an experience both ambitious and scattershot. The final fourth of the film is particularly difficult to grasp. But despite being uneven and repellant at time, in Huston's hands the film always remains entertaining and interesting. It's worth the effort for Dourif outstanding performance alone. Huston in his more outlandish form.

Ian C (au) wrote: classic flick the scene where carlng takes over the prison is the finest in the history of cinema oh and dont go into the greenhouse :D

jay n (ca) wrote: Brilliantly acted but so very, very sad.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Weak story, but works (just). Another one of those movies that were meant solely to make the most of Elvis Presley's fame and music. However, in this case, Elvis is upstaged...by Ann-Margret. She absolutely sizzles and is the best reason to watch the movie.Plot is fairly basic and weak. Music is hit-and-miss: some songs are pretty lame, but then there are some pretty good ones, including the title track, which is great. However, the movie is fast-paced and this makes up for the weak story. It never drags for a moment.As mentioned, Ann-Margret is the ultimate star of the show, and not necessarily for her acting. Stunningly beautiful. Elvis puts in a decent performance. He wasn't just there for his singing.

Wes S (gb) wrote: Relies a little too much on Lugosi and is weak on plot and characters, but it has some good attributes and elements. It's a decent crime story that doesn't drag on too long. Nothing too memorable, but still. it's not awful.

Joseph F (ca) wrote: This may very well be the finest buddy cop movie I've ever seen. Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte are both great-- the chemistry they have is off the charts.

Troy K (es) wrote: It's a little slow and I would have like a lot more dialogue, but it's worth watching.