1995. Russian transport aircraft IL-76, carrying a cargo of ammunition under the guise of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan from Albania, forced to put interceptors at Kandahar Airfield (...

A docudrama about the escape of Russian pilots after being taken hostage by the Taliban in 1996. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kandagar torrent reviews

Dan M (kr) wrote: This movie isn't as smart as it thinks it is. It attempts to intertwine a love story and Dead Poet's Society. It falls short on both as neither of the main characters are that interesting.

Ravan Florentin P (ca) wrote: I think the director made a good movie out of a meh scripthipster ending WARNING

Divina D (ca) wrote: didnt finish it...stupid movie

Trinity C (ag) wrote: That sounds quite creepy..

Andrew K (jp) wrote: watched this film for the robert del naja (massive attack) soundtrack and thought the whole film was very good.

Mike B (gb) wrote: A rare super-dud from Andrew Kevin Walker. Dirty and unpleasant journey into perversion.

Andrew L (es) wrote: Bad film. Stupid film.

puroticorico (es) wrote: A great movie that all should see. Best film, with Philadelphia, that touches on the AIDS epidemic and the governments play in the lives of gays.

The Man W (gb) wrote: This guy made Lord of the Rings. Let's just put that in perspective. This is a movie about aliens making humans intergalactic fast food. It's gory. It's nasty. It's Bad Taste. I love some parts of this movie. It gets very creative and funny. But it starts to feel like a collection of gory scenes that Jackson came up with, rather than a movie. I do find it very enjoyable, but that still remains. At least it keeps a tone the whole way through. I just don't feel it did completely mixed them all together as best it could. I already summed up the plot, so let's get down to it. This is VERY low-budget and it shows. But I never take low budget as an excuse. Maybe for special effects, but that's about it. Acting talent is not usually the best when it comes to low-budget movies, and this isn't an exception. The special effects are alright for a low-budget movie. The end scene is kind of cool though. That's basically the meat of this movie. Madcap, gory and sort-of creative sequences. I kind of wanted maybe a little more than just that. The sequences are certainly inspired. The tone is consistent and the gore and gross-out scenes are always sort of in place. And, yeah, they do their job well. There's no use describing them, as they kind of have to be seen. My words do no justice. And that's about it. Gory and gross-out sequences that are slightly entertaining. It does have the redeeming factor of the movie's great premise. The final score is 5/10. It's kind of inspiring seeing how far Jackson has came, but that doesn't affect the score. It's clever sometimes and dull other times. It can be fun for some mindless satire and entertaining gore, but it's kind of just low-budget non-sense.

Kyle S (mx) wrote: Nary have I borne witness to a thing so gorgeously full of rage. Also, many of the subtitles would make great metal lyrics.

Sidney M (us) wrote: another classic with Audie Murphy and James stewart

Michael G (es) wrote: Slow, but interesting. Looking forward to the next 2 in the Trilogy.

Kan T (au) wrote: You want the film end after the first 10 minutes!!! A total failure!!!

Nilufer R (au) wrote: Very boring in deed. I couldn't even watch it for a whole 10 minutes without doing something else. Poor old Nicolas Cage, finding only these lame roles lately.

Vanessa D (it) wrote: Now I know where they got the ideas from to make Prison Break!

Miranda C (ca) wrote: This movie is fantastic, but you cannot go into it thinking it's a normal sort of horror movie. The horror is in the choices the characters make, rather than a standard slasher flick. It's a psychological horror, rather than what you typically expect from America's horror genre.The acting and cinematography are great, beautiful scenery, actually nice costumes that fit the period. Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle are fantastic in this film, and while straying a little from the Wendigo mythology, it still kept pretty true to heart of it; it's a monster and all it does is devour. It's sad that this is rated so low on here.If you like more psychological horror, this is your type of movie.

meja m (mx) wrote: This movie gave me night terrors when I waz 5...