Sreenu (Ram) is the son of Vishwanatham (Chandra Mohan). He is a high school drop out in Anakapalle and wants to marry his uncle’s (Dharmavarapu Subramanyam) daughter Bujji (Swati Reddy). She rejects him stating that he doesn’t have college education. Sreenu, who is clever and street-smart decides to go to Hyderabad for further education. While travelling in the train, he bashes up a bunch of rowdies teasing college girls. At the college in Hyderabad, he meets Shruthi (Hansika Motwani) and falls in love with her. The city gangster Bhavani (Sonu Sood) is in love with her and blackmails her to marry him. He beats anyone moving closely with Shruthi. Meanwhile, henchmen of Warangal Rajanna (Jaya Prakash Reddy), a dreaded chieftain, are looking for Sreenu in the city.

Seenu (Ram) is a street-smart guy who shifts to Hyderabad from Anakapally to complete his degree in a college. He falls in love with Sruthi (Hansika Motwani) who also attends the same ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellen G (ag) wrote: En helt grei alternativ film.

Freeman M (fr) wrote: Simple, but effective.

Francisco L (au) wrote: A little predictable and less original, Deathly Hallows: Part I is another Harry Potter's dark and smart movie that can't enthusiasm the fans like other Harry Potter's movies do. Disappointing.

Jess L (ag) wrote: Colin Firth why are you soiling your name with this rubbish?

Janetta B (au) wrote: it was funny when the teacher killed the wrong person...

John C (br) wrote: What entertainment value that exists is deeply engulfed by tedious plot twists and misguided action.

Johannes J (nl) wrote: Edith 'Little Edie' Bouvier Beale: "We better check on mother and the cats. She's a lot of fun, I hope she doesn't die. I hate to spend another winter here though. Oh God, another winter."

Allan C (br) wrote: Director Robert Aldrich has a lot of classic films under his belt, but I have to say that either this or "The Dirty Dozen" is my favorite. However, I'd say that this film is by far Aldrich's most highly stylized directorial effort, which when you watch now, you can see how this film is often noted by directors of the French New Wave as being highly influential on their work. Aldrich found it amusing what French critics read into his film and said that he was only trying to make an action film, and I actually believe him when he says this, as opposed to when directors like John Ford or the Coen Brothers make the same claim. Aldrich took Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer and give him his best onscreen incarnation. Ralph Meker plays Hammer and he never had a role as tough or or as good as this ever again in his career. He appeared in quite a few fine films, but he was never this cool of an anti-hero. Meeker carries himself with a swagger that exudes absolute contempt for everyone and everything around him. I got the feeling that Hammer is pursuing the case of a missing girl only to spite those around him since there's no obvious financial gain for him. I don't know how much dialogue from the book screenwriter A.I. Bezzerides lifted from Spillane's novel, but the script just absolutely crackles with like like "Do me a favor, will you? Keep away from the windows. Somebody might... blow you a kiss." or "First, you find a little thread, the little thread leads you to a string, and the string leads you to a rope, and from the rope you hang by the neck." I really can't say enough about how much I like this film. The story fits the film noir mold, but Aldrich has crafted something very unique that stands well apart from it's contemporaries.

Stella D (fr) wrote: the first adaptation of maugham's famous story, the film stars gloria swanson and director raoul walsh as well as an over the top lionel barrymore as the self appointed moral authority of the islands. swanson was nominated for an oscar here and walsh is terrific as the marine who falls for her. great screen presence! his acting career ended shortly after this when he lost an eye to a fateful jackrabbit through the windshield encounter and became the first of hollywood's dashing eye-patch wearing directors

Stephanie L (kr) wrote: 2 segments really got to me - the one where the old man talks about how there were no Indians around after the 1864 Sioux uprising, and where the one farmer starts blaming the Jews and Reagan the movie star president for the financial woes he's experiencing. He hasn't bought a gun yet but he's pretty sure there will be a fracas come wintertime. And so sad...the man in the nursing home who when asked where he wanted to be answers, the graveyard. The lady with the garden was awesome, and seeing the old 70's styles was pretty sweet too.

Marty S (kr) wrote: Bad acting, bad writing, and bad editing add up to equal an epic fail. Just rent a karate kid movie is you're after an 80s coming of age theme.

Jaime D (ca) wrote: Historia de unos periodistas bajo el conflicto de Nicaragua. Dilema entre la objetividad del periodismo como refleja de la realidad o subjetividad del mismo a la hora de involuccrarse personalmente.