• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Kankal 1950 full movies, Kankal torrents movie

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Kankal torrent reviews

Jim L (de) wrote: Romantics Anonymous is a delightfully sweet comedy where love, chocolate and social anxiety blend to make a deliciously offbeat treat.

Hannu H (ru) wrote: A little bit stupid film, washing the faces of mercenaries in Iraq or in Afganistan

Thanassis T (ca) wrote: A different kind of material to that of 'east is east' the film could have been put together better in terms of editing IMO but the result is better than what the critics were reporting. I enjoyed the landscapes (which were India really) and the 70s setting.

Ethan H (kr) wrote: Movie version of 'skins'.

Daniel E (ag) wrote: Plot can be hard to follow at times but when it kicks in its an intense ride with some added axe wielding ultraviolence

Nichole N (mx) wrote: I loved this movie. My gosh I just had to give it a full rating. It was really sad having to see an innocent man guilty regardless of all what that lawyer didto prove his innocence. That lawyer was on fire he was just so... interesting to watch and I impaitently waited to hear what other question he would ask the witness. Well at the end I think the judge changed the verdict because it was evident that it was based on bigotry so... I was relived I really thought the defendant would have been electrocuted just b/c of the colour of his skin.

Sonya W (jp) wrote: Just because again...

Nicholas L (mx) wrote: It's a movie that learns to not focus on the sports, but rather embrace the true content which is the mending of relationships between two races to accomplish better goals. A terrific and multi-depth lesson of sportsmanship and teamwork both on the field and in society.

Brandy C (au) wrote: I love zombie flix, this one looked like a HS performance, nut I liked it. "Once i thought i was wrong, but I was mistaken" "you talk too much" lol

Ger M (au) wrote: I'll catch this eventually

Mark M (de) wrote: Conquest of the Planet of the Apes brought nothing new to the table other than a modern (at least in the early 70's) social commentary on slavery, and with the movie, the franchise is practically beating the proverbial horse for whatever worth there is left to it.

katie w (ru) wrote: I thought it was going to b a good movie since most of r.w. movies are usually watch it twice before u return the movie to red box but this was not one of them. very sad to think it was based on true events.

David M (nl) wrote: Love Clint Eastwood, but this is one terrible movie. The only thing I enjoyed was seeing some classic 60's hippie decor.