Kanmazha Peyyum Munpe

Kanmazha Peyyum Munpe


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Kanmazha Peyyum Munpe torrent reviews

Cody T (ca) wrote: Charming and funny. A great take on the classic coming of age genre.

Hanson M (mx) wrote: Seems kind of like a Disney movie

Kieran F (nl) wrote: I'm a massive fan of this film, was engrossing and harped back to a few game references, very good

Carol M (ag) wrote: Saving Silverman should have tried harder to save it's viewers instead of leaving them flat with it's stupid, flimsy plot. A great way to waste 90 minutes of your precious life if you are into that kind of thing

cli o (us) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Gabriel Z (mx) wrote: Not that good, but worth seeing for the fight scenes alone, like most Jacki Chan movies.

Shawn M (au) wrote: Grating! But I so loved the TV show.

Wesley G (gb) wrote: The only thing that had the action of a "drop" in this movie were the actors' careers. Poorly shot, Plot holes, silly attempts at humor, all rolled into a single ball of lame. I quickly need to watch one of Wesley Snipes' good films before I lose my appreciation for his work. Quick! Someone throw me a copy of 'Blade' or 'Passenger 57' fast! The few moments of excitement were when Snipes was sticking up for himself and his team.

Darrin C (us) wrote: Another misinterpretation of Skinheads. The movie itself had an okay plot, but Skinheads are the way they are for a cause and it was unnecessary to make our main characters anything other than Gutterpunks which I found pointless other than giving relevance to a riot with Asian-Aussies.

Anthony I (jp) wrote: A collection of strange, fascinating people within the city of Austin, Texas. What do they have in common? Unemployment. This is Richard Linklater's first film and he knocks it out of the park. It feels like a portal into Linklater's subconscious, which to his credit, is a very entertaining one at that.

Arun S (gb) wrote: Kaalia Kaalia Kaalia

Citien P (it) wrote: A small and nice yet entertaining piece in Gene Kelly's filmography.

Knox M (nl) wrote: Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 experimental suspense thriller is extremely nerve-wracking, but the editing is extremely gimmicky.

Johana M (mx) wrote: ok.. This is not the movie I thought it was...lol