Kanoon Apna Apna

Kanoon Apna Apna

While his father, Indian government official Jagatpratap Singh (Dilip Kumar), obediently follows the law to the letter, Ravi (Sanjay Dutt) attempts to take the law into his own hands by plotting to kill Kailash (Gulshan Grover) and Prakash (Tej Sapru), two criminals who murdered his friend. As a giant rift grows between the righteous father and temperamental son, a criminal cartel prepares to take both of them down.

An Indian government official tries to remain loyal to his job and the state when his career is threatened by a criminal cartel who plan on ruining him as well as his son whom deals with the hoodlums in his own way of justice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric S (gb) wrote: Wow. I think I'm most sad that it ended. Heart wrenching and Beautiful. If this were a TV show it'd certainly stand tall aside This Is Us. What am I thinking, it would blow that show outta the water!!!

Larry G (es) wrote: At Netflix gem that is a wonderfully sad story of despair, hope and a man's love for his family and the sacrifices made. A movie everyone should see, but won't.

Benjamin W (jp) wrote: I could buy the series up until Hughes' death. But after that, the series became today's stockmarket, it just went down... like... WAY down.Aside from veering off of lore of canon completely, and shoving way too many unfamiliar elements into it to make this original series more 'wholesome' and agreeable, the series then lead from a very depressing ending into an even more depressing, anti-climactic movie to finish off a series that, otherwise, should not have happened.I'm going to be honest, this product is on my list of films I want to critically analyze in the future and break down to point out all the little dents and gaps.The series and the movie itself I had high hopes for, but then after moving past a particular point, they just made too many alterations I just can't roll with.Even as a stand-alone the film wasn't good. Unlike the Brotherhood alternative, which actually fed to you the concepts and elements from A to B, this movie just jumps at you. Only people who know their stuff can watch this and enjoy it, but even as an experienced viewer, it just didn't agree with me.The ending was also really unpleasant. If you want to leave reality for a while and immerse yourself in a good story, at least make it one that lifts your spirits and inspires you, not put you down even further.

Maciej (ag) wrote: One hour after the beginning I was still like "What the fuck am I watching?". But then it somehow came together. In minus - goddamn annoying sounds, Spencer's role(not how it was played, what it was). In plus - Jennifer Morrison is incredibly cute when she's batshit crazy.

Filou M (ag) wrote: I really liked the movie, though the ending seems kinda outdated. It would have been great in the 80's though. If you're looking for something different and aren't too cynical about it, you'll probably have a good time.

CountryGirl (es) wrote: one of my all time favorites great movie true story

Kathleen M (ca) wrote: Aside from the amazing cinematography of the African landscape, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in their prime, and wonderfully written and fully developed characters, it is one of the most beautiful loves stories ever told. At two hours forty five minutes it may be long but every scene has purpose and the pacing isn't glacial. It a poignant story of love, loss and survival and knowing it is based on a true story story I find Karen Blixen-Flecke inspirational.

Allan C (gb) wrote: Italian Director Enzo G. Castellari is a director I've always considered a talented hack. He lacks the artistry of genre directors like Sergio Leone or Sergio Corbucci, but is head and shoulders above the Jess Franco or Umberto Lenzis of the world. I'd put him in the same category as Lucio Fulci. A flawed but a director of none-the-less interesting and entertaining films. This film in particular is a perfect example of what Castellari does well, directing action set pieces. The story involves Chuck Connors leading a Dirty Dozen style team during the US Civil War. They are working for the Confederacy to steal a shipment of Union gold hidden in cases of dynamite. Connors is ordered to steal the gold and to kill all his men and "come back alone." Frank Wolff is the only other recognizable actor in the film, although the actor playing this A-Team's BA Baracus, has the most awesome name ever, Hrcules Corts (though his character is less impressively names Bogard). There's a good Francesco De Masi for the film, wall-to-wall action and Wolff is a delicious villain. I didn't really mind the lack of character development or the silly plot holes, but my main complaint is that Connors character was supposed to be the hero of the film, but was not at all a sympathetic character. Spaghetti westerns typically had anti-heroes, so I'm good with that, but there was always a clear villain so the audience felt they had someone to at least root against, but Connor didn't really seem any different from the villan, which makes the audience feel as though it doesn't really matter at the end who wins the final showdown. It's clear we're supposed to be rooting for Connors, but I honestly didn't care if he'd lost at the end of the film. Still, despite that, it's a very entertaining spaghetti western, if not a very smart or artful one.

Greg W (it) wrote: good pre-code rom-com-dram

Letcia M (kr) wrote: Amazing. Musidora is probably the first movie star worthy of the title.

Julia O (ca) wrote: nick cannon was so great in that movie so intense at the end...