Kanzen naru shiiku: akai satsui

Kanzen naru shiiku: akai satsui

A Kabukicho gigolo with a gambling debt Mikio Osawa agrees to bump off a rich wife's husband for a bundle of cash, but botches the hit. On the run in the snow-covered hills of northern ...

Fumiya owes 5 million yen to a female load shark for a gambling debt, while having affair an with Mrs. Hosoi who offers him 5 million to murder her husband. Fumiya has no choice but to kill Mr. Hosoi. Unfortunately he's see by a neighbor. In the escape, he meets a girl named Akiko. He hides in her house. Later on, Fumiya and Akiko fall in love and have sex. After that, he finds that the house owner Shin kidnapped Akiko whem she was a little girl and has kept her in the house for over a decade. Fumiya is determined to take her away from Shin's brutal confinement. A battle of wills between jailer, prisoner and accidental savior begins…. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl Omar B (ru) wrote: Dude WTF!! 0 stars!?!? The movie was pretty dope and action packed

OC E (us) wrote: I want to see the expendables three

Dan M (gb) wrote: At once harrowing and captivating. Excellent acting and reality-based.

Mikael K (fr) wrote: Brilliant comic book artist Joann Sfar made his directorial debut with Gainsbourg, an adaptation of his own graphic novel about Serge Gainsbourg, the legendary and ever-controversial musician, director and artist. Sfar tackles the life of a legend boldly, imprinting every scene with delicate visuals and driving the piece forward with music and enchanting moments of magical realism.As a whole the movie is extremely unfocused and difficult to make heads or tails out of. It doesn(TM)t emerge as a traditional biography, nor does it attain the general attributes of what might be considered a story. Nevertheless Gainsbourg? is easy and pleasant to watch and it carries intense impressions and speculation on what it might have been like to experience the world the way Gainsbourg did.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Whilst never trying to be historically relevant, it's a decent enough comedy around the notorious 19th century criminals, although it never gets into belly laugh territory.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 77% -Will do crime for food- I could have done without the dream and video game sequences and shit talking got old very quikly. The hip hop/tech soundtrack was bad ass. The paper chasin' moral of the story is for shite. -No more eating for you now-

MercedesBen M (ca) wrote: Was interesting up until the end. Then it fell flat.

Toby E (jp) wrote: oh dear... ego much there Dolph?

Brenden K (ag) wrote: Unlike that pure debacle known as Billy Madison, director Tamra Davis gives a fun, quirky, cartoon-like adventure of everyday stoners. In my opinion this is a stoner flick done right, as the creators used visual gags on the character's drugged-up fantasies, rather than having stoners just sit there and smoke weed. So, with that said, pass the weed and enjoy the show.

Bill B (au) wrote: I might've liked this a bit more had there been more cannon fodder for the creature to kill, or had the 'friends' actually seemed to even like one another a little bit, but mostly I was left to wonder why they even bothered to spend time with one another and hope for another nude scene.Rental?

Lana B (fr) wrote: I love it, one of my favorite movies!

Will L (gb) wrote: For everything they do right, they do something else wrong. Englund is great as always, but the rather bland supporting cast doesn't give him much to work with. It's worth seeing for the scene with Freddy's father, though. THAT was done well.

Michael W (ca) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies!!!!! Denzel's and Don Cheadle's acting is superb. The whole plot and theme of this movie is exellent. I'm Old School and feel that Old School viewers would like this movie more than younger viewers would.