Five stories by Luigi Pirandello set in turn-of-the-century Italy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gerald H (kr) wrote: 100% rating.Everyone should see this video.

Sam Y (nl) wrote: The relationship between a couple can be complicated, but the love between them can be as simple as they wish - just follow their heart. I think this sequel is even better than the original. Love the storyline and Miriam's performance in this film (I think it's her best so far). Don't even bother to mention the success of Director Pang Ho-Cheung. He got a spot-on balance of every element in the film!

John M (fr) wrote: "Lotoman" is a Dominican comedy with some funny moments and situations about a couple of brother who won the Lotto. I enjoyed this flix, probably because I dream about winning the lotto and become millionaire.Nothing great but a funny time waster.

Andr D (ag) wrote: Grandes actores en una pelcula que debi haber sido mejor: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis y Charlie Day se lucen interpretando a 3 empleados que deben soportar a 3 horribles jefes interpretados por Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell y Jennifer Aniston. Lo que pudo convertirse en una punzante stira sobre el trabajo y sus dificultades, se inclina por el chiste fcil y vulgar y se aleja de clsicos del gnero como "Office Space" o "9 To 5". Cranme, para m los chistes escatolgicos no tienen nada de malo, pero "Horrible Bosses" no llega al nirvana cmico logrado por cintas recientes como "The Hangover". "Horrible Boses" llega a entretener y al parecer, sus actores se divirtieron muchsimo realizndola, pero no es una gran pelcula.

William G (nl) wrote: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is essentially the perfect spy film: providing an exceptional story, amazing effects, and well played characters.

Marilee A (br) wrote: Is Larry David related to Woody Allen ? This reminds me of a Woody film ripoff,only more annoying.Larry David bugs me

Michelle v (ca) wrote: it was kool i liked it

James H (nl) wrote: There isn't much of a plot to this cheaply made horror slasher film. poorly acted, just a lot of nothing. Gruesome, and a curious Nazi background plot. Skip this one.

Yan L (gb) wrote: Liked this, despite not being a fan of pigs (too long of a story for here!) a very random story, dont take it seriously and it will be ok, quite funny actually in a different way, well you need to be able to understand chinese too, its funnier in chinese than English.

Alf K (gb) wrote: Slightly too sentimental. But a fine celebration to friendship.

Robyn (br) wrote: Based on a true story this movie showed the perils of what a mother and her children had to put up with from a mentally unwell abusive husband~!!!!!!!

Sam M (kr) wrote: Probably the finest melodrama of the 80s.

Timothy M (au) wrote: Lee J. Cobb replacing Henry Hull is really quite odd, but that's the least of the film's issues. Taurog and company try to do too much and forget to give the film any sort of focus or story. There's all sorts of cheap manipulation that tries to elicit tears, but it all falls flat because none of it means anything. Tracy does what he can, and he doesn't tarnish his Oscar-winning character, but the film itself is overlong and wasteful. There's also an unintentionally hilarious sequence in which the priest, played by Tracy, beckons a small child to search for "candy" under his desk. While he's sitting at it.

Nicholas W (br) wrote: one of my favorite movie

Paxton A (mx) wrote: A classic waiting to be rediscovered.

John P (au) wrote: Chocolate factory Charlie's father is really HITLER! muahah!