Sara Philips is pressured into smuggling 2 kg heroin into Norway. She meets up with the narcotics agent Ted Hansen and lets him use her in a scheme to catch the powerful people in the drug ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Karachi torrent reviews

Willow B (nl) wrote: love this movie<3

Zoltn N (es) wrote: Classic. Don't miss it if you like surrealism, or just want a good laugh.

Akhil S (de) wrote: a good attempt 2 show r youth, abt d lyf of r soilders... somethin new 2 watch. gud story bt poor acting. Bt a touchy.a worth watch. r mother lend really holds back memories of thousand oh heroes...

John R (au) wrote: 131004. 5th Bond Film.

scott g (ag) wrote: a silly suspence with that pregnant girl from lost, a bit miscast for her, the story is dull, and not very exiting, and with dodgy charactors all so ovious

Four Star F (ca) wrote: Starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with Edward Everett Horton, this musical opens with Astaire in London as he gets ready to star in the show of his good friend Horace (Horton). However, after a late night confrontation with an annoyed neighbor Jerry is hopelessly in love. Multiple times he tries to spend time with her while the show is running. Then, he is eager to travel to Italy when he learns that the woman Dale will be there along with Horace and Madge Hardwicke. After a case of mistaken identity, Dale gets the wrong idea and believes that Jerry is married to her good friend Madge. Unaware of the mix up, he continues to pursue her, madly in love. She feels bad and at the same time tries to stave off Jerry's advances. The whole mess leads her to marry a buffoon of an Italian designer. However, Jerry catches wind of what happened and tries to resolve their relationship. Through a hilarious loophole they get back together and dance off into the sunset. Some memorable routines include "No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)," "Isn't This a Lovely Day (to be Caught in the Rain)," "Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails," then "Cheek to Cheek." I found the supporting cast to be good and aside from Swing Time this is a good Astarie/Rogers pairing.

Hemant Singh C (au) wrote: Its funny and stupid. With such a start cast, it fells flat and mere a Disappointment.