Pierre, a retired professor in his early sixties ends up making a short, unsettling trip around Okinawa with Junko, a 40-year-old runaway wife. The confused intellectual would rather not get involved with this unlikely and unexpected lover but decides to follow his destiny, wherever it (she?) may take him.

Pierre, a retired professor in his early sixties who ends up making a short, unsettling trip around Okinawa with Junko, a 40-year-old runaway wife. The confused intellectual would rather ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Karakara torrent reviews

leroy s (it) wrote: best movie for a first date. it's pretty great also.

Alexey F (kr) wrote: Chechnya exploitation. As usual with Konchalovsky, a strong statement without much analysis and poorly played out.

Rod G (us) wrote: "Superman: Brainiac Attacks" mantiene la calidad de animacin y diseo de personajes de la serie de los 90's, pero su clicheada trama no la ayuda en nada y slo se siente como una recopilacin de episodios en vez de una pelcula.

Chip H (ag) wrote: Solid character study. Nolte shines.


Johnny B (us) wrote: Typically intense and sombre film from Franois Ozon, this concerns a young gay photographer who has terminal cancer. He attempts to get to grips with his illness by abandoning his immediate family and friends and instead links up with his grandmother and a couple he stumbles across in a caf. This is short by modern standards but is beautifully judged and paced. The final scene on the beach lives on on the memory.

Will M (it) wrote: Primer fits into the category of psychological thriller perfectly. I can't say that I followed even 50% of where the timeline progressed the first time through, but I was left wanting to work it out, even more so then after watching Inception. I came across a lengthy article where someone had actually broken everything down step by step, only coming to show just how mindful and aware the main characters had to be to have things progress the way they did. Definitely more than worth watching for anyone who enjoys anything similar to Thirteenth Floor, ExistenZ, etc.

Nagoya C (de) wrote: ils ont tue smartie!:(

Nick K (us) wrote: I'm so disappointed to see such negative reviews for this film. it's very rare for a film to come along that is so clearly written with characters that are so well defined and crafted. If you get past Stuart's goofy persona and pay attention you will see it's a comedy with immense heart and bravery. Having come from a family with it's own disfunctions this is a film I can certainly relate to. infinitely cleverer, more human and funnier than Dumb and Dumber.

Robert D (kr) wrote: Funny and inventive soft porn film

Tommy J (gb) wrote: Le Delightful! I agree. Why would they watching be Disney- which is a ruined industry, instead of this awesome Asterix comics?

Alexander P (jp) wrote: Remember this being good, on 2nd watch its just utter garbage. Plot, no real plot, awful acting if you can call it acting. Terrible effects and poorly directed. The puppets are ok, one or two quite good but a few really bad. The 2nd is better but not by much.

John M (kr) wrote: This was such a waste. . kids might like it though

Greg W (us) wrote: plenty of laughs 2b had here

Courtney K (au) wrote: not bad; it's your typical slasher type film. i didn't watch the original before hand, but from what i saw in this one and from what i've read in other's reviews, they did take an interesting approach at this remake. it acts as a sequel almost; very clever in how they referenced the first one.

Dr M (nl) wrote: After Earth is the cinematic equivalent of a neighbours dog dumping it's squidgy crap on your front lawn. Most, most unwelcome. M. Night Shyamalan directs a wooden spoon, darting around the jungle away from late-90's-cgi monsters for reasons unclear to myself and my baffled son.Will Smith acts at a standard that I can only describe as offensive to my soul and Jaden Smith manages to out-perform his father in this respect; In that he is worse. But by far the shoddiest thing about this film is the utterly moronic direction. A complete shambles from beginning to end.

Adrian C (ca) wrote: King Solomon's Mines is one of my favorites, yet this sequel is definitely not as good as the original. Richard Chamberlain has another great performance and Sharon Stone is good. Mr. T starts in it, not as good as the original but it still has charm to it.

Jon C (jp) wrote: this is truly one of the more magnificent incarnations of the Man of Steel universeSuperman and SuperGirl come face to face with one of their greatest enemies, Brainiache is part flesh, part machine and only seeks to gain all the knowledge of the universemeanwhile Clark is having issues of his own with his cousin Kara and girlfriend, Lois Lane trying to balance a normal life while also saving the world on a daily basisyou actually feel some rather genuine emotion from Kara; it's not heavy-handed it's actually rather decently delivered in that you understand what was robbed from her heritage as a small child seeing her home taken away from herthe plot is very much action-oriented especially when Superman has to fight constant drone robots created by Brainiac who uses his intellect as his weapon yet this is a masterfully animated comic book flick that isn't the bargain bin home-video line-upand they deliver a good message about not being able to control all living things; not all technology can replace what's really alive no matter how advanced it may seem to beand having so much information inside our minds is enough to drive us insaneyes it's very short but remains enjoyable very often

Janelle I (mx) wrote: The Maze Runner reviewExploring the philosophical questions of who am I and how did I get here questions, director of "Maze Runner" Wez Ball worked well to captivate the hearts and minds of many young at heart. By strategically casting familiar faced, "teen wolf" star Dylan O'brien according to many teenaged girls, it is considered a home run. Intriguing and considered intellectually harrowing, the demonstration of shady W.C.K.D corporation's experiment which in this case, are the teenagers inside the maze demonstrate to what extents people have gone to preserve society. Protagonist Thomas, along with the rest of the teenagers purposely put in the maze is W.C.K.D's experiment in a desperate attempt to find out "what makes them different" and "why they didn't get stung by the "zombie-transforming brain chomping" disease. In all this, they have no memories of their past lives to survive. Thomas, who is incredibly inquisitive with so much leadership potential leads the teenagers to victory and discovers their purpose towards the end of the film. The main downfall of the film is that the graphics were a bit out-dated and could've been further improved on. But with such elaborate characters put in such intriguing situations many parents along with their tweens and teens will thoroughly salvage this modern, dystopian film. Many will love the faced paced course and developed storyline.

John C (gb) wrote: Classic B-Movie by Sidney Pink, the same guy that brought us Reptilicus. This could have been an extended version of the original Outer Limits. While none of the astronauts would ever pass a MENSA entrance exam, they seem pretty dense, but on occasion come with a credible scientific fact. How could these guys ever hope to defeat the evil "Brain from Your Anus." Sorry, but that title almost seems more appropriate. Also some good effects for the time.