Karamati Coat

Karamati Coat

Raju is a poor rag picker. One day a magical stranger gifts him a red coat. Raju discovers that whenever he puts his hand in the coats pocket, a rupee appears. He and his friends have a ...

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Private U (it) wrote: poetica, enmarcada en esa distinta y dura niez humana que a todos nos a tocado con un velo tornazul oscuro............

AnneMette H (ag) wrote: very moving film about 2 father and son relationships and how much a father loves his son even though they havnt seen each other or spoken in a long long time. brilliant!

Jose D (gb) wrote: Especie de Film Noir en el cual, tiene tanto peso el guin como el enfoque visual del mismo. Filmada en Blanco y Negro. Un asesinato, una valija con dinero, son los elementos que desatan una bsqueda y un ocultamiento. La esttica lograda es destacable, aunque todo tarde siglos en ocurrir. Dentro de los secundarios la encontramos a TILDA SWINTON. No colm mis expectativas aunque considero es un film para ms de una visin. 6,5/10

Wade H (kr) wrote: Fun if your not taking it serious. The directing and story are overkill, while the visuals are very dated.

Mike C (es) wrote: Before Joss Whedon was given creative control of his story via TV

SpyGuy G (gb) wrote: This movie is also very good. It may not be good as the first one but it stills holds up as an amazing sequel. We get more of Dr.Evil and all the time he is on screen it is just soooooo funny

Phil S (us) wrote: Well, there's 90 minutes I'm never getting back...

Arslan K (de) wrote: Steve carell was yet again a loner in this film!!!! I wasn't a big fan of this before starting this film but I gotta say I liked this film. This film is not perfect...no sir no way it's that. A lot of dialog problems which comes out bland, forgettable "bad" characters, acting was okay by the supporting cast. Rudd didn't give a very strong performance but he was fine. Now the two people make this film is david walliams who is this Swedish funny guy and of course steve carell. I really cared about the innocent steve carell character. He was the best thing about this. I was cracking up quite a lot but that does not cover up the cheesy and predictable scenes and lines. Story was okay I guess. I did love the mouse credit thing. Overall from steve carell to its goofy style this is a good film.

Kris D (jp) wrote: Good at adding the emotional component. not good enough to leave a lasting impression