Karas: The Prophecy

Karas: The Prophecy

In a Japanese city haunted by nature spirits and demons, a secret war is raging between the renegade demon Eko and a spectral warrior known as the Karas. Eko has mechanized himself and his followers to defend against the unearthly fury of the Karas; in addition to an armored humanoid form, the Karas can transform into any of various heavily armed and armored vehicles. Eko and his followers prefer to live in the material realm in human form, but to continue doing so they must feed on the fluids of human bodies. Their periodic feasts result in massacres that leave only a single traumatized survivor; these "inexplicable" tragedies are the obsession of a marginalized police inspector whose daughter was the survivor of one such massacre. Opposing Eko are the renegade demon Nue, who also lives in the material world in human form but refuses to drink blood or take a mechanized form, and Otoha, a former human who is summoned by the mysterious Yurine to become the new Karas

In a Japanese city haunted by nature spirits and demons, a secret war is raging between the renegade demon Eko and a spectral warrior known as the Karas. Eko has mechanized himself and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karas: The Prophecy torrent reviews

Matthew W (mx) wrote: An emotional & penetrating look into life outside the wire.

Ankur S (nl) wrote: Haven't seen anything like this before in Bollywood.Keep you thinking till the very end.

Romy K (ca) wrote: totally sick but horny

Sunny L (mx) wrote: Feels like in this world, we've ran out off opportunities for the kids.

Stephanie H (jp) wrote: watched most of it weird and she is soo obsessed and nuts

Josas G (es) wrote: Clsico navideo en anime

Karin S (nl) wrote: Me gusta la lengua y la natura y la gente que esta en la pelicula.

Can O (br) wrote: "The world is egoistic. For a 9 sec orgasm, a child has to sweat for 60 years"

Andrey B (kr) wrote: Very disturbing horror movie, with unsettling themes and atmosphere. Acting is pretty low level, but is forgivable since the main advantage of the movie is its horrific ambience.

Ursula H (nl) wrote: hilariously funny with references to "The Elephant Man", british humour mixed with NYJew sarcasm .....

Francisco G (mx) wrote: Yet, another italian cannibal flick that actually has a pretty good idea at it's basis, for what could've been a very good exploration of the city boys vs. the tormented tribe but it quickly descends into exploitation territory with gratuitous animal violence, tasteless deaths and atrocious acting. It's also one of those movies that "steals" scenes and music from other movies. Literally stolen! They are cut from other movies and inserted here for god knows what reason.A total miss despite the good idea behind it.

Stephanie D (fr) wrote: Not one of my favorite Fred movies... Next.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: As thick with outright propaganda as KFC chicken has grease, yet and still entertaining take on a submarine mission into enemy waters. It was made during wartime, yah, and nobody really knew yet which way the ball was bouncing, and so many "rah! rah!" scenes can be forgiven, as well as the many character caricatures. I had the thought while watching that the intended audience for this was not the men fighting the war - cause they already were doing that - but rather explicitly for the women anxiously waiting for the outcome. That thought added much to the entire film.

Benjamin F (au) wrote: With a grade "A" cast, the film tells a beautiful story around a boxer and a trainer. The ending is a bit controversial.

Sam F (ca) wrote: Sweet jebus, this is turgid beyond description. Half an hour was enough for this review. It could only get worse.

Ted W (ag) wrote: Terrible special effects, I was bored the whole movie, hope it's not a real video game. The 2011 remake was awesome but this version the original is terrible. Terrible costumes, special effects, and the fighting too terrible.

Igor A (br) wrote: orginalot so Keanu Reeves i Patrick Swayze