Karla's World

Karla's World

Karla's Game is a comedy family film that deals with problems of a very modern family. The story is seen through the eyes of the 10-year-old Karla, who struggles to keep her family together at Christmas. This is however not easy when your parents are divorced and you have a new step dad, irritating brother as well as a father who doesn't always keep his promises.

Karla's Game is a comedy family film that deals with problems of a very modern family. The story is seen through the eyes of the 10-year-old Karla, who struggles to keep her family together... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlene V (au) wrote: I rented this movie and was just mesmerized by the story. I thought the acting was wonderful, and even though there were subtitles for the Chinese language that is the way it should be otherwise it would not have had the same impact. I really can't say anything good enough about this film, I was just blown away.

Craig S (br) wrote: I Really Hate My Job was hardly worth it. It features Neve Campbell (amongst others) in a dead end restaurant that all the employees hate working in. Lets just say I don't recommend going to see it unless you are a big fan of Neve's breasts (which play a big role in the only semi-interesting scene in the flick). The only other decent performance is by always good but always snarly Shirley Henderson.

Kristpher L (ag) wrote: uber campy but still kinda fun... in a slightly reminiscent 80s vein. Entertaining (perhaps for the wrong reasons lol)

Gabriel K (ag) wrote: While on the surface this appears to be a movie about immigrant's life, it's really more about the man coping with grief. The director uses minimalistic approach, we learn about the protagonist from the snippets of conversations, nothing is explicitly explained and in fact most of his story remains untold. What makes this movie worthwhile are nuanced performances and attention to the detail.

Sam S (ag) wrote: Adults might not like this movie, but kids will love it! The humor and the adventure are great!

Harish B (br) wrote: mani ratnam in great form... rajni in his most undertstated performance ... brilliant !!

Mike N (au) wrote: not all it was hyped up to me, but i did enjoy most it.

Robert G (fr) wrote: The acting is actually pretty strong, how good it was actually surprised me a little. The issue I have with the movie is the story. Not the writing, the story Don't want to give anything away but the main characters are a bunch of selfish babies.

Tor M (nl) wrote: I really like Wim's films. This is my fourth, and will be the third one to stick with me for a long time. One of the best photographed films I've seen with stunning nature and imagery. This is cinematic excellence, simple but very beautiful. The slow pace drags me into the story and I feel that I know the characters very well after a while. I'm never bored, the conversations and the imagery make sure that's not an option.I symphetize, I observe, I smile.There is some great main-story here, and it's developing so nicely. The last twenty minutes or so is a climax after a long chase and I just admire the very long scenes filled with dialogue and emotion.COLOURS. Colours are key in the film for me. Glowing green, red skies, yellow chairs - there are always something on screen that makes it interesting or delecate. One of the best colour usage I've seen. Even from Wenders. I love the acting and the main actor is especially doing an ace job. A great character that I both envy and symphatize with. The music is another strong feature here, making several scenes complete.I would not say it's a perfect film, but it's not far from it. Heck, it's not even my favorite Wender film, that says a lot about the man. I really need to check out more of his stuff. A colourful, powerful film that is bound to stay with you.9.5 out of 10 Star Wars bed sheets.

Shehad D (es) wrote: Stupid but entertaining at times thanks to Jim Carrey

Andreas O (de) wrote: The fifth Hammer Dracula film - and one of the best in the series. Sure, the resurrection scene felt a little rushed, but the movie continues with likable characters and chilling atmosphere. The ending, while not the best of the Hammer films, is memorable. Usually I'm quite allergic to deus ex machina-style solutions, but in this case I thought it worked just fine. Great horror here be.

Frank D (mx) wrote: Audie Murphy's first movie was entitled 'To Hell and Back'

Panayiota K (ru) wrote: It was interesting to see Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando together but i didn't care much about the plot or all those stupid songs. The only things i liked were the two big dancing numbers and maybe Brando's voice during "A woman in love"

Madeline M (ag) wrote: I had really no idea what to expect with this movie, but I was pleased with what I found. It's a funny mixture of 40s/50s theatricality and melodrama (you could easily reframe it as a "woman's picture") and what's now recognizable as an "indie" sensibility . . . by which I mean earnestness. (This is the non-Wes Anderson side of the indie coin, I guess.) Rosaura Revueltas does a very good job. I'll admit to being extremely sympathetic to its political opinions.

Benjamin S (us) wrote: Legitimately terrifying and simultaneously hilarious.B

Sam E (gb) wrote: Books are better. And more realistic. But I wish they made Point Blank.

Lee M (br) wrote: "Decoding Annie Parker," though uneven in its execution, has at its heart two remarkable women and one remarkable performance.

Kim M (jp) wrote: Confusing and weird. And not in a good way. Skip it.