Kärlek 65

Kärlek 65

A film director has problems coping with his wife and marriage. The daughter is their only connecting link. He is looking for love and sex elsewhere. A married woman becomes his new partner for a while.

Love 65 is basically about a film director (and his family and friends)played by Keve Hjälm who is working on his latest film but seems to be finding it hard to concentrate on making movies and apart from a brief shooting scene we mostly get to see other aspects of his life: in Stockholm, at his country cottage by the sea, an extra-marital affair, and so on. He likes to fly kites and there are several scenes of kite-flying in the movie, one of them with Ben Carruthers who has come to Sweden to be in Keve's film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John K (es) wrote: Great idea, but poor execution. A seemingly "dark" drama/comedy that's only mildly interesting.

Priti P (ca) wrote: Ever since the onset of hindi cinema, the onus of being the movie backdrop exclusively lies with north and west India. Recent times has witnessed diversification to east India (Devdas, Yuva, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, Lootera) as well. Now South India seems to have caught the fancy of Bollywood filmmakers. Be it autobiography (The Dirty Picture), comedy (Chennai Express) or issue awareness (Madras Cafe), the backdrop and supporting cast is intermittently South Indian! Madras Cafe primarily deals with LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) during the mid 1980s, followed by the assassination of our late Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi at the onset of 1990s. However, the movie does not claim to be a celluloid presentation of the same. Throughout the movie, the rebel group is referred to as LTF. The movie is kind of well made. Scenes are beautifully derived out of approximately thirty years old photographs of evacuation and massacre that took place in the Sri Lankan regions that were infested with the rebel groups - both Tamil and Sri Lankan. This able derivation does remind you of the international movie Frida (Salma Hayak, Alfred Molina). Therein too scenes are beautifully derived out of paintings done by Frida Khalo. Most of the cine goers of today were either not born or were very young during the mid 1980s. And thus, the movie does create the required awareness. The producer-director duo, John Abraham and Shoojit Sircar did a fantastic job with their debut film 'Vicky Donor' and they continue to create the same magic with 'Madras Caf', in spite of the two movies being as contrasting as chalk and cheese. Shoojit has intelligently played upon the strengths of John and the result is good. Also, hats off to the makers for refraining from showing unnecessary gore, death and item numbers. Please note that, the Sri Lankan Civil War killed an estimated 80,000-100,000 people between 1982 and 2009.However, the problem lies in the style of movie narration. Most of the hindi speaking audience is not well informed about the ongoings of the southern region, nor do they understand an iota of any of the southern languages, or the local culture that prevails there. Madras Cafe deals with a complex subject as it entails - the Indian PM and his Cabinet, Indian Military and Intelligence, Rebel Forces in Sri Lanka - both the Tamil and the Sri Lankan, Sri Lankan Army, Media and Armament Suppliers from abroad. And then, there are possibilities of leaks in all the organizations. Each leading character is prone to have a personal motive along with the political motive. Now, such a complex tale requires a lot of precision and clarity in its method of story telling. In the absence of which, you are very likely to get confused, unless you are an avid reader and movie enthusiast of international political thrillers. The aforementioned confusion very much prevails in the first half of 'Madras Cafe'. During the climax of the movie, you make an interesting observation. The climax deals with the assassination of the ex Indian PM by a human bomb (South Indian lady). Normally, during such scenes, you pray till the last second, to call off the fast approaching calamity as you simply don't want it to happen. Till the last second, you pray for the hero to come and save the day for everyone. But, here, you actually want to see it all happen! You want the black day in the history of Indian politics to be re-created right in front of your eyes, as you were very young and confused when this event actually took place!Actingwise, all are OK. Within his range, John is wisely experimenting with his roles, and he is doing a good job out of it. It is a pleasant surprise to see the popular Indian television producer-director and quiz show host, Siddhartha Basu perform well. Ajay Rathnam as 'Prabhakaran' looks effective. Special accolades for Prakash Belawadi for playing the drunken and shrewd south Indian official in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. His facial structure resembles that of the legendary musician A.R. Rahman. Nargis Fakhri plays the role of a hard core British journalist. Her naturally accentuated English has suited the role perfectly. Also, she has well adopted the cold demeanor required for such a role.

Jay D (ca) wrote: Hansal Mehta's comeback film is an honest & sincere attempt with near flawless performances by entire cast specially Rajkumar Yadav, Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub & Baljinder Kaur. If first half traces the life of Shahid from 1993 riots to terrorist training in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) to serving 5 year jail term for that than second half showcases Shahid in ferocious mood while defending his accused. Watch this film because it tells a story of a guy who had an extraordinary courage & vision. Highly Recommended if you think biopics in Bollywood are always tampered with unwanted songs.

Cindy (ag) wrote: ive seen some of it... it sounds good...

Ian B (br) wrote: simultaneously pretty bad in acting and direction. and yet absurdly amusing, laugh out funny at times. there are moments you consider just shutting it off, but then something completely stuipd will happen to keep you engaged for a little while longer.

John M (es) wrote: Teen angst variation of the classic sci-fi thriller. Gabrielle Anwar is the typical borderline-anorexic, disgruntled teenager who voice-overs the movie. This version, of course, can't compare with the all-time great version of the story, the incredibly freaky Philip Kaufman 1978 film.This version joins the story in progress, as the invasion has already started when the film does. People have already been taken over. The teen angst stuff aggressively undercuts the tension the movie could've had in its first third. But, the film jumps into gear with a fitfully frightening moment in Anwar's household. Meg Tilly caps it off with a great acting moment!From there, the movie does a very good job at providing the creepy, claustrophobic vibe the film needs. This is sustained until the end, where you don't know which direction the filmmakers want you to think the story goes to next.The make-up effects, such as they are, are kind of low rent. Their cheapness doesn't help elevate the story. The movie is directed by Abel Fererra, who has made some fairly notorious movies, like "Bad Lieutenant." Here, he is more under control. But, the movie generally doesn't elevate itself too far above what you would expect.

Galen S (fr) wrote: ok. great if youre drunk tho!!1

Greg W (ca) wrote: good musical rita's last columbia pic

Jude P (es) wrote: What a disparity that Bob did not win the Oscar ??

Jim T (fr) wrote: Not that particularly well done, confusing and boring.