When senior police inspector Vishwa Pratap Singh arrests Dr. Michael Dang, the leader of the international terrorist group PSO, the group blast the jail Dang is lodged in killing huge numbers of inmates including two of Vishwa's sons and his daughter-in-law; with Dang escaping in the process. Vishwa, who now calls himself Dada Thakur, is determined to put an end to Dang and his PSO gang. He enlists three death row inmates, Baiju Thakur, Johnny and former terrorist Khairuddin Kisti, Thakur personally trains to become disciplined fugitive hunters, and sets out to avenge his family's slaughter.

When Jailer Vishwanath Pratap Singh slaps arch-criminal Dr. Michael Deng, he does not realize he has re-shaped his own future, as soon after his two sons, and daughter-in-law are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dallin H (de) wrote: this movie has the worst acting I have ever seen! a 2 year old has better acting than this movie!

Melvin W (ru) wrote: Snow on Tha Bluff is a pretty unknown film that chronicles the life of Curtis Snow. After he robs some people looking to buy drugs and takes their camera, he decides to tape all his goings on. This includes: robbing drug dealers, selling those drugs he sold, drinking and among weed on the street, providing money for his baby momma and son, and avoiding the police. Life turns on him when one of the gangsters he ripped off starts coming after him.What's good about this movie is how real it feels with the handheld camera approach. Movies like Snow on Tha Bluff prove that there are still avenues for it. This movie shows the hood life like few are able to do. I don't know if these are truly real events or not, and it doesn't really matter because it is true regardless. Shit like this happens everyday in countless cities.I liked this movie for the most part. It's a short movie about dope dealing and killing people, so it's not for everyone. This shows a side of life in America that most people rather just look the other way from. If you're into the hood setting for films, you can't go wrong with Snow on Tha Bluff. It's definitely worth a look.

leane e (de) wrote: i liked the visuals and the acting was good but it was a bit confusing and twisty

Poul F (ru) wrote: A great little flick about youth and paranoia.

Andrew S (ag) wrote: The pacing of the film was a bit to slow and it made it seemed really long and dragged out. Also I don't know if it was the editing style or just the shot choices made but the shots were really awkward and didn't fit the store. It was either constant static wide shots or extreme close ups it just made it weird I thought they were uncalled for. The story is ok. I think America Ferrera really shined in her role as Blancha. Some of the moments were genuinely funny. But for the most part I really didn't get into the film.

Maggie L (it) wrote: to me, had no idea where the movie was going till the end when everything makes sense and comes together for everyone. An alright movie but not sure if I want to watch it again.

Michael L (nl) wrote: A decent rendering of the Dickens classic with an all star cast of voices Horrocks, Gambon, Cage, Winslet.. and some wonderful animation from a Korean studio. The animation techniques allow the horror of the Scrooge dream sequences to come alive for the viewer with peeling skulls and disintegrating skeletons. Even Nicholas Cage can't stink this one out but Winslet's bizarre theme tune rivals her Oscar speech for moments we could have done without. Top work.

Vincent T (es) wrote: Tres bon film d'action/catastrophe malheureusement meconnu avec un Morgan Freeman en mechant.

Kyle B (us) wrote: Notle is one of our most under appreciated actors these days due to some of his personal life issues that has overtaken his image as one of our finest actors and here is a perfect example. He is excellent in this (FAR and beyond superior than that year's Oscar winner Roberto Belingi from Life is Beautiful) and showcased a really strong year for him as an actor with this and The Thin Red Line, one of his best performances. Sissy Spacek is good but not used to her full abilities in this and James Colburn was great but his Oscar win was a bit of a far reach. Great screenplay, cinematography, direction, and score as well

Jonathan F (au) wrote: excellent music, the best I can say and riveting in places, but boring in many parts.

Frances H (ag) wrote: Deeply moving story of a mother who tries to save her family with great fortitude and strength, and a man whose slide into crime is halted by his recognition of her desperate devotion to saving her son from being stained by the death of a man who seduced him. Excellent performances by Tilda Swinton and Goran Visnjic.

Joao M (jp) wrote: Shaun of the Dead no gasta em vo,litros de sangue e equilibra comedia e terror com planos de sequencia e maquiagem impressionantes.