Karma Yodha

Karma Yodha

The film revolves around the kidnapping of a teenage girl.

The film revolves around the kidnapping of a teenage girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurie T (it) wrote: My daughter, who lives in Philly, gave me the "homework" of watching this movie before coming to visit her next month. The three guys are sort of innocent and determined, especially Justin Doerr. The neighbors of the mysterious and paranoid Philadelphian who may have left the tiles on the asphalt of Philly and other cities are earnest and protective of the man's privacy. There are weird-beard short wave radio enthusiasts. Larry King and David Mamet enter into the game. Nonetheless, you can take it to the bank: whatever Toynbee or Kubrick said, you cannot resurrect the dead on Jupiter.

ehk2 e (nl) wrote: only valuable parts: questioning of the religious dogma (like any others). but, one certainly cannot escape to realise the not-disguised ideological agenda and motivation behind the cheap production.

Wirkola F (kr) wrote: Puede que la pelcula sea una mierda para cierta gente, la pelicula ofrece lo suficiente para entretener. Una pelcula que ofrece la tpica historia de "la manada de criaturas empiezan a matar gente en una playa" pero junto con cierto contenido del Gore, momentos de horror decentes seguido de una no tan sutil comedia negra. Pero el 3D es lamentable.

John B (ag) wrote: Angelina Jolie has made and directed some good films and then there is this surprising bit of crap that was created through HBO Films. The main character is never someone that we ultimately are drawn to and her ultimate downfall is not something that the audience can get emotionally drawn into.

Tristan M (fr) wrote: A very touching movie that is both effective and not effective in it's effection.

Conner R (au) wrote: All he wanted to do was pick his melons, but it seems that everyone wants to stop him from accomplishing that goal. Charles Bronson is as good as he's ever been, raging a one man war on the police and the mafia. It is the movie that Walking Tall wishes it could be and in many ways it is one of the better 70s action movies.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 6/11/2012: 30 min was enough to see this is pretty bad movie. Horrible graphics and boring story line.5/28/2015: Finally watched the entire film and it was awful.

Kaitlyn J (it) wrote: Kind of interesting movie. Travolta really looks mean in this one. Travolta and De Niro worked well together.