Karoliine hõbelõng

Karoliine hõbelõng

This is a fairy-tale. An old king punishes his young mardy daughter by sending her to a wide world to learn kindness. Alone with her imprudence only she enters the adventures and miracles ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:74 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:princess,  

This is a fairy-tale. An old king punishes his young mardy daughter by sending her to a wide world to learn kindness. Alone with her imprudence only she enters the adventures and miracles ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim L (it) wrote: Sleeper film! What a fun and entertaining and educational movie! Kudos to Joshua Zeman for telling a great story while uncovering some of the biggest Urban Legends of our lifetimes. I can't wait to see what Zeman comes up with next, he is going to be a very very successful filmmaker.

Joshua L (es) wrote: They didn't even try with this one.

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Thomas B (us) wrote: first one great rest down hill

Dan H (gb) wrote: Good story, funny, good movie.

Wahida K (kr) wrote: Oh this Movie was an PURE EYE CANDY with which I laughed my Buttocks off. Anupam Kher was so funny in the Movie NOT to Mention the Shakti Kapoor character. Sri Devi & Anil Kapoo Erar! Mid 80`s I think. It has only a tiny bit of Drama and the Bollywood Kitch in it but in my Opinion NOT Typical Bollywood Movie. Great Christ the couple of Scenes when Anil Kapoor goes to give the Police Officer his wedding invitation Card then after about 30 Minutes later in the Movie he returns at the Officers House and asks the Officer to give him the invitation card back because the Marriage wont take place. It was so funny. I think it was a great Ending for a nice LOL when for the third time Anil Kapoor returns to Police Officers House and invites him on his wedding with a Invitation Card on a Sweets Plate. LOL. And oh my god the small House on the Beach. Wow!

Steve M (br) wrote: The Escape Artist Starring: Griffin O'Neal, Raul, Julia, and Dezi Arnez Director: Caleb Deschanel Danny (O'Neal) runs away from home to follow in his father's foot-steps as a magician and an escape artist. Along the way, he becomes drawn into the feude between a crooked small-wone mayor (Arnez) and his crazy, violent son (Julia), and ends up successfully performing the one escape his father never managed. "The Escape Artist" is a surprisginly enjoyable movie, surprising because I can't quite put my finger on what gives this story of a boy with the sort of talent for magic tricks and escapes that David Copperfield would have sold his sould for at his age the... well... magic it has. The story is muddled and bordering on nonsensical, its child star doesn't so much act as deliver lines, and when the movie is over, the viewer is left wondering what the point of it was. He's also left feeling that he just watched something really cool, but I'm not certain where that feeling comes from. It could be notalgia. I think the film reminded me of dozens upon dozens "boys adventure tales" I read when I was a kid. There's also the possibility that the concept of a child prodigy illusionist/escape artist is just damn neat. It's certain that, with the exception of O'Neal who is passable, the film features a fantastic cast that all give great performances (with Raul Julia leading the pack), but the actors aren't what give this movie its spark. I truly can't put my finger on it. I recommend that movie lovers out there track down "The Escape Artist." I'm sure you won't regret the time spent watching it. When you're done, maybe you can point out that mystery element that makes it a neat film.

Robert H (gb) wrote: This is the point at which I feel Hitchcock begins to lose his touch a bit, at least for the films I seen so far. MARNIE is somewhat of a departure in the type of film he had made his name doing, but even so, it contains themes that resonated through his body of work. The story is about Marnie (Tippi Hedren), a compulsive thief and liar who ends up marrying a man she robs. This was an intriguing premise, to say the least, and provided the opportunity for Tippi Hedren to play a more complex character than she had in THE BIRDS, but I don't think she was quite up to the task. Sean Connery was appropriately dashing in his role as Mark, the man she ends up falling for, but he didn't really have that much chemistry with Hedren, in my opinion. For me, there were individual moments or flashes of brilliance that worked rather than the film as a whole. In particular, the opening sequence where we are introduced to Marnie was well-done, and the scene where she robs Mark's company was the closest the film ever came to capturing the suspense for which Hitchcock is so well-known. The rest of it was a mixed bag. Some of the psychological elements were interesting by themselves, and in a few scenes, were well-utilized. However, the sledgehammer approach to Freudian themes and associations removed a lot of the mystique. It also didn't help that the explanation for Marnie's particular idiosyncrasies at the end was rather unsatisfying. Still, there were a number of things I did like. Tippi Hedren played cold and calculating rather well. Bernard Herrmann's score and main theme was very romantic and fit the character of Marnie. The film was also handsomely photographed, had great sets and costumes, and made good use of color. Overall, though, I feel like MARNIE has some poor pacing, is a little too long, and has as much trouble identifying what it wants to be as Marnie herself. Before I watched this, I took a look at the theatrical trailer, and even Hitchcock had difficulty (it seems) really pinning down what the film was (settling on 'sex mystery'). Certainly one of Hitchcock's lesser efforts, it still has some interesting parts despite the unevenness of it all.

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