On May 1st 1993 a bomb explodes in Gangaram Park in Bombay, killing more than 150 people, many of whom are children. ACP Jay Suryavanshi is assigned this case, quick arrests are made of four individuals. Jagat Jogia, a terrorist, claims responsibility for these killings, but the police are unable to arrest him as he is now located in London, England. Jay discusses this matter with his senior, and together they recruit dreaded killer, Jeet Balraj, rename him Raja, save him from death-row, promise him freedom in exchange for killing Jagat Jogia, to which Jeet agrees. Jeet is provided with money, passport and living quarters in London, and he re-locates. Upon arrival, he meets with Manpreet Kaur, and both of them fall in love. With someone to motivate him in life, Jeet decides to give up his past life - only to find out that not only Jay has other plans for him, but Jagat is also on the look-out for him - and both their agendas are the same - his death!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Kartoos 1999 full movies, Kartoos torrents movie

On May 1st 1993 a bomb explodes in Gangaram Park in Bombay, killing more than 150 people, many of whom are children. ACP Jay Suryavanshi is assigned this case, quick arrests are made of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devon W (ru) wrote: Not bad considering most of the movie takes place inside just one room. A little more hardcore on the message Uwe Boll was trying to make last time, perhaps he thought we didn't hear.

Sharon A (fr) wrote: Good movie, it kept me engaged. Did not play out the way I expected it to. Good moral tale, that proves sometimes having it all, it not entirely the truth

Carl M (ru) wrote: A frantic mother. Her invalid son. An unsuspecting caretaker. The perceived realities of these three individuals will result in a terrible crime, but who is the real victim? Zack Parker takes us on a twisted journey through the human psyche in his new thriller SCALENE. The events unfold from three unique perspectives as we are transported backwards and forwards in time to better understand the intentions and circumstances leading up to an apparent rape, mirroring a similar stylistic device used by Christopher Nolan in the cult thriller MEMENTO. Parker demonstrates a cautious sense of control as he begins and ends each new vignette, skillfully avoiding any contradictions in the space-time continuum that is laid out before us. By opening with the story's ending, Parker is also able to better perceive the audience's expectations, only to thwart them once the viewers have settled in on their opinions. SCALENE is led by a talented cast, including powerful performances by Margo Martindale as Janice Trimble, Hanna Hall as the seemingly-altruistic Paige Alexander, and Adam Scarimbolo as Janice's brain-damaged son Jakob.

Jared L (ag) wrote: Though I did not care for Weerasethakul's Tropical Malady, the continuing stream of positive reviews of his work led me to give this a chance. I'll admit, the director succeeds in some respects. His meditative camera-work shifts and zooms in at incredibly slow speeds. There are no quick cuts. There is no urge to pan to characters speaking off-camera. Weerasethakul slowly ponders nature and provides beautiful views of Thai architecture and statues. Even his examination of cold, institutional environments like hospitals and dentists' offices are as compelling as the photographic work of Edward Burtynsky. Visually, there is much to digest. However, when it comes to developing a story, dialogue, or eliciting great performances, the director stumbles. All of the actors provide simple, often dull or subdued performances. But, they have little to work with. The choice of soundtrack is also questionable. Especially in the final scenes, the music is dark and foreboding, for little reason. This film ends up being Lost in Translation without the romance.

Jay B (de) wrote: Uhhhh.... I made it only 5 minutes into this shit head.... but, if you like laughing your ass off a horrible cinema... here you are.

Emily D (de) wrote: My expectations were pretty low for this one and I was pleasantly surprised based on that. Bell and Duhmel had nice chemistry. The suitors were a bit too over the top (especially Arnett) but it was a fun story.

Jamie C (de) wrote: Loved it, Really clever and funny from start to finish, Scrat steals the show and is where most of the comedy comes from, But the main plot was still good and different and kids will adore it.

Private U (es) wrote: Not the scariest movie ever, but Craig's dressed in a deputy uniform with...a moustache! LMAO!!

Ryan D (ag) wrote: Wonderful movie all around just wonderful

Ryan V (jp) wrote: "Dirty" Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) appeared to have given up being a police officer in the closing scene of his first movie, but box office success demanded a sequel and we find him working in stakeout as this film begins. However, that all changes once a gang of vigilante cops begin mowing down every criminal in San Francisco who slips between the cracks of the justice system. The trendsetting characteristics of Dirty Harry had already begun to calcify into genre cliches by the time Magnum Force premiered. Like many action sequels, most of Magnum Force's efforts go into "upping the ante" by adding more fight scenes, increasing the body count, and making the gunfight and car chase sequences both longer and much more elaborate. Nothing in Magnum Force will blow anyone's mind, but it's filmed with professionalism and it should entertain anyone with a fondness for the renegade movie cop who does things his own way.

Alex K (mx) wrote: Great Clint Eastwood film one of his best. The ending could of been better but apart from that it was fantastic.

James H (jp) wrote: 6.5/10. Good story, very well written with finee performances, especially Peter Boyle and K Callan, who plays his wife. Powerful ending, good pace. It's good to see Peter Boyle in a film that shows his acting range.

Jonathan W (de) wrote: A fun British war-time mystery. Great atmospheric black & white cinematography. Stars Alastair Sim. The highlight for me was an expertly-executed & suspenseful party scene.

Derek G (gb) wrote: A shockingly brutal and pessimistic film, with a great performance by Paul Muni (After seeing in him Scarface, I kind of think he was one of the best actors of the 1930s). Really well directed with a great ending. Not perfect, no early sound film is, but as good as it could be and better than one would expect. Grade: A solid A.

Dan K (de) wrote: A different time and place for rock and the environment it thrived in. A display of unforseen conditions gone horribly wrong, but you can't turn away.

Jacob G (jp) wrote: An overall average movie. It makes sense for the most part, but if feels like I've seen this movie before in a variety of different movies before

Douglas L (us) wrote: I was saddened to see how poor this sequel was. I couldn't even finish it. So boring and not even funny. Too bad, the first was awesome!

Plain C (it) wrote: "In some countries marriage is a punishment" Wayne. Love it love it love it love it .watched it way too many times though love it.

Jason T (kr) wrote: A wonderful film that tells the rising and capture of bin Laden. Great performances, script, and very suspenseful and compelling. After Hurt locker, Bigelow directs another amazing film. The film does bog down a little bit towards the middle but it's just a minor gripe in an otherwise great film.