Karwa Chouth

Karwa Chouth

Sitapur-based Mangala lives with her widowed mother and seven brothers, and is of marriageable age. Wealthy Banke Thakur would like to wed her, but she rejects him. She looks after an ...

Sitapur-based Mangala lives with her widowed mother and seven brothers, and is of marriageable age. Wealthy Banke Thakur would like to wed her, but she rejects him. She looks after an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (de) wrote: I live in Batavia. It was like watching a documentary! A lot of fun without all the gore.

Gale G (ru) wrote: Actually, I decided I did not want to see it after i'd seen about half. I should have known better because of the author. This has no character development whatsoever and much of the plot is borrowed from Sleeping with the enemy, which was riveting. How does Sparks continue to be read and watched? Bad writing, unreal characters, exaggerations, ridiculous dialogue and a predictable plot make it trash.

Christy (jp) wrote: Want to see this sooooooo BAD!!!!!!

Brenden K (it) wrote: Not deep or groundbreaking when it comes to story, in fact it is sort of predictable. But, the setting of ancient Rome invites you into the journey of one man's quest of revenge. A fun action-drama flick with genuine culture

Monica M (fr) wrote: it's interesting but it's kind of slow and boring when they're not showing the sex scenes.

Richard B (de) wrote: I HATE YOU ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE. One star for the first revenge murder chase scene

Monny M (au) wrote: Watched this a couple nights ago (broadcast TV version) with the kids.

Kevin D (de) wrote: I might have went into this movie with misleading expectations. Before watching the film, I heard that it was a comedy or at least that it had a few funny moments. I kind of sat around just waiting for a joke or a laugh, but they never came around. That's when I realized that the movie was just a hardcore docudrama. The first half of the movie shows the tough times of the title character and his friends in Germany. A lot of the situations seemed to be unclear at first (who was the woman Stroszek was friendly with and who were the men who hated the woman and Stroszek?). Inferences can be made, I guess, but their relationships were never clearly stated. Through context we learn that the woman is a prostitute and through wikipedia I found out that the mean men were pimps and that the woman was Stroszek's girlfriend. Maybe this stuff was explained, but the subtitles might have thrown me off since there were slight complications in the version I watched. Anyway, the first half of the film is really over the top. There were a few scenes that did not feel realistic at all (Stroszek's punishment on the piano) and some of these scenes seemed like they had no place in the movie. The second half of the film is about Stroszek, his girlfriend, and a neighbor immigrating to America. The second half of the movie is authentic, realistic, heartbreaking, and powerful. Once again Werner Herzog made a great production here. There were several unforgettable sequences in the movie. The ending is interesting and I loved a few of the surprises that both Stroszek and the audience got to see in the final scene. This is a really good movie that has moments of greatness.

Jonathan H (us) wrote: Early Jack Nicholson as a hip streetwise thug throwing around a ton of early 60's era slang, an absolute pleasure to watch.

Frank C (ca) wrote: An intersting premise - take one comic-book geek obsessed with a hero who has spider powers. Next, have him work in a genetics lab where they experiment on spiders. Finally, have him witness the death of his friend. Counselling? No, he injects himself with bright red "spider mojo". It's almost like The Fly meets Spider-Man, as he first develops superpowers but then begins to mutate horribly. To be honest, I didn't expect much from any movie with Dan Aykroyd playing a straight role, but I enjoyed it. Devon Gummershall makes a sympathetic hero/antihero, and it's worth watching, but not seeking out.

Guido S (mx) wrote: I remember watching this on a plane ride one day which sums this up pretty well. A bike pizza deliverer becomes a taxi driver and puts all sorts of illegal street adjustments to her car to make it go faster. A disowned cop is out to stop some female bank robbers. Pretty dumb movie and never really is fun or that good. Most notable for Gisele Bundchen for showing why she should stick to modeling and being on Tom Brady's arm.

Steve S (nl) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) Four hour mini-series that tries to add some credibility to the mass of Hercules movies that have become somewhat of a joke over the years. Paul Telfer sure looks the part, though he also looks like he should be advertising toothpaste, or something like that. The story is still on the weak side as he goes through all his usual trials. Better than most, but nothing overly special.

Clifford H (nl) wrote: This movie really isn't that bad at all and is perhaps Tom Selleck's greatest. I can understand how this would have been badly criticzed in 1992, but it's pretty good by current standards. What other Hollywood film is there which shows proper Japanese bathing protocol? None that I am aware of.

talija b (jp) wrote: Just because is Wesley Snipes!

Sharku T (br) wrote: This is a step up. And i find worthy of book and even expanding it. And expansion isn't thought out by Jackson and crew but Tolkien himself.