Mangal Singh is the head of a village that gets it's revenue by selling cocaine. When Police Inspector Kisna finds out he goes to live incognito with the villagers to try and talk them out ...

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1988
  • Language:Hindi
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Mangal Singh is the head of a village that gets it's revenue by selling cocaine. When Police Inspector Kisna finds out he goes to live incognito with the villagers to try and talk them out ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kasam torrent reviews

Claudette A (br) wrote: I think the more films you see of this genre, the less scarier they are. It was ok but wasn't great. Seems to be more hysteria than anything else.

Mark Y (it) wrote: I thought it was very entertaining. I don't know what everyone was expecting, but I suspended disbelief and enjoyed the film.

Autumn S (us) wrote: it was good but I hated that they were brother and sister in the end

tejal (au) wrote: doesnt have much of a story, but shows one day of various people being affected by the hindu-muslim riots, covering all sections of the community, and a range of age, pulling it off with amazing acting. very disturbing and thought provoking.

Beth H (es) wrote: Only Alan Ball can make such a realistic and poignant portrayal of the suburbs dealing with such issues as budding female sexuality and racism. More please!!!

bhanu t (kr) wrote: Very sweet movie & all the starcast are cute n cool .The girl looks very b'ful her innocent looks will mesmerise you.

Jlio A (ca) wrote: Filme excelente. No tem ao nenhuma e mesmo assim voc no quer desgrudar. Bem pesado....a trilha sonora fantstica.

Andrew M (br) wrote: Click is where we get to Adam Sandler's downfall in movies. Click was Adam Sandler's first worst movie ever. Click lacks comedy. This movie did not impress me at all. I would not suggest this movie.

Peter F (fr) wrote: Possibly the best DMX and Andrzej Bartkowiak collab to date...still not worth your time though.

Jamie F (ru) wrote: Klaus Kinski was very talented, but was no doubt a nut.

830615521 (fr) wrote: love the movie really a must see.

Van R (jp) wrote: Several things about director George Sherman(TM)s last western shoot(TM)em-up BIG JAKE are significant. First, this represented the last time John Wayne and Maureen O(TM)Hara co-starred in a film. Earlier, Wayne and O(TM)Hara made RIO GRANDE (1950), THE QUIET MAN (1952), THE WINGS OF EAGLES (1957), and MCLINTOCK! (1963). O(TM)Hara has two scenes in BIG JAKE, but she appears in only one with the Duke. Second, this was the tenth and last time Wayne and Sherman worked together. Sherman had called the shots on several routine THREE MESQUITEERS B-movie westerns with Wayne for Republic Studios back in the late 1930s. Reportedly, Wayne stepped in to helm some scene when the ailing Sherman could not. Third, this oater also re-teams Wayne with a poncho-clad Richard Boone as a slimy main villain. Previously, they appeared together in THE ALAMO (1960) and later confronted each other again in a bar room shoot-out in final John Wayne western THE SHOOTIST (1976). Scenarists Harry Julian Fink and Rita M. Fink penned the formulaic screenplay about the kidnapping of a wealthy but aging cattleman(TM)s grandson. Unfortunately, despite some serviceable dialogue, BIG JAKE amounts to a sloppy, unsavory western with no sense of closure. The villains are a dastardly bunch, but they never truly challenge the heroes. As Big Jake, John Wayne spends most of his time riding around Mexico trying to keep himself and his two inexperienced sons alive. Although this is largely a traditional Wayne western, BIG JAKE pits the weapons and transportation of an old-fashioned western (horses, revolvers, and shotguns) against the new-fangled western where people ride in cars or on motorcycles and wield automatic weapons. Predictably, ~Big(TM) Jake wins the day with his old-fashioned approach. Sherman does a solid job of establishing the setting of this sagebrusher and the time period with a lengthy prologue. John Fain (Richard Boone) leads a gang of murderous cutthroats who raid the McCandles ranch. This opening shoot-out qualifies as the bloodiest gunfight in a Wayne western. When bullets hit bodies, huge smears of red paint appear. Remember, the Duke objected to those exploding blood squibs in THE WILD BUNCH and felt that it was obscene. Since most of the ranch hands are away on a round-up, Fain and his trigger-happy gunmen have little trouble when they start blasting away after some friendly conversation with the foreman. Without a qualm, they wound and/or kill ten men, women and children few qualms. They wound the McCandles eldest son Jeff (Bobby Vinton of SURF PARTY) and kidnap his eight-year old grandson (Ethan Wayne) and post a ransom of $1 million. Jake McCandles wife, Martha (Maureen O'Hara) summons her husband through some messengers. They meet at a railway station, and she hands him the ransom note. Jake and Martha have been estranged for almost a decade, but they both love Little Jake and Big Jake vows to bring him back. Waiting for their father at the depot are his sons James McCandles (real-life son Patrick Wayne of THE ALAMO) and Michael (Christopher Mitchum of RIO LOBO) and their reception is soured by James sarcasm toward his father. James calls him Daddy in a snide voice and Jake pulls him off his horse and hurls him into a mud puddle. Jake informs James in no uncertain terms: You can call Dad, you can call me Father, you can call me Jacob and you can call me Jake. You can call me a dirty old son-of-a-bitch, but if you EVER call me Daddy again, I'll finish this fight. Jake takes custody of a huge red strongbox with a million dollars in it and rides off with his old friend Sam Sharpnose (Bruce Cabot) while James and Michael follow Buck and the Texas Rangers.A conventional and often predictable oater, BIG JAKE springs no real surprises. The revelation about an hour into the action that our heroes have been guarding a strong box that contains nothing but paper clippings comes as no surprise. No sooner have Buck and the Texas Rangers entered Mexico than Fain(TM)s men ambush them, kill three of them, and shoot up their cars. Meanwhile, it appears that Michael has been shot because he crashes his motorcycle and lays sprawled in the dust. Jake is more surprised than we are when his son gets up. Naturally, this calls for Wayne to punch his lights out. Jake leaves the Texas Rangers to fend for themselves while he rides out to the rendezvous with Fain. At about a hour into the plot, Jake and Fain meet in Jake(TM)s camp. Fain instructs them to go to the nearby Mexican town of Escondero and await their orders. Later that evening, gunmen try to storm room number eight where our heroes are lying in wait for them. Jake, James, and Sam leave Michael alone in the room. Jake stages a distraction so Sam can slip back into the room, while James guns down to bullies in the saloon with his automatic pistol. Not long afterward, a suspicious Pop Dawson fetches Jake and company and they ride out to meet Fain and ransom the youngster. It is a classic stand-off again when Fain and Jake confront each other with Little Jake in plain sight. Michael has ascended to the top of water tower and uses his high-powered rifle to knock out a sniper in an adjacent belfry. What started as an interesting scene degenerates into a free-for-all shoot-out without a shred of suspense. The brute with a machete manages to slash poor old Sam to death and later kills the dog. Jake throws a lantern at Fain and lights him up before he perforates him with a bullet. No sooner has Little Jake been reunited with his family than the film freeze-frames them and comes to an end.BIG JAKE is an average Wayne effort with more blood than usual, but it is nothing memorable. Elmer Bernstein provides an okay orchestral score.

Kevin E (ag) wrote: hilariously low budget movie. It is the weirdest super hero movie you'll ever see. Nothing beats the image of a guy standing up in a costume on the passenger side of a motorcycle

Private U (fr) wrote: Fabulous! Gershwin's music is just overwhelming! Rhapsody in blue = 14 mins. of spine-chilling! Was very surprised by the performance of the actors - especially those, who weren't actors, but played themselves

Gabriel M (it) wrote: Photography and film proposal is quite remarkable , but the story is very linear and sometimes silly .