Kashf hesab

Kashf hesab


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Kashf hesab 2007 full movies, Kashf hesab torrents movie

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Kashf hesab torrent reviews

Oscar S (mx) wrote: In prison, those things withheld from and denied to the prisoner become precisely what he wants most of all. ~ Eldridge Cleaver

Adam P (it) wrote: Totally loved this film. A breeze of evil blowing on the brilliant snowflakes of naive genius. It was effectively small in scale and simple in structure. I probably liked it all the more considering how much I abhor pretentious academic political bullshit.

YuChi H (au) wrote: A very warm yet sentimental story. Omar Sharif's performance is great and convincing so that you would believe Monsieur Ibrahim is full of wisdom (maybe the wisdom of Islam, but certainly not a hardcore Muslim anyway). I like the movie so much and also read the book as well.

Gerard H (au) wrote: thinks this film would be loathed by the anti-multiculturalism brigade but I like these gems served up by SBS even though the ads during the film are a bit hard to take.

Daniel T (us) wrote: I like all swimming movies =)

Jessica W (kr) wrote: ..I didnt really see the point...

James R (de) wrote: Aside from Under Siege this is Steven Seagal's best work.

Jasper C (kr) wrote: I love robert downey Jr! Great movie! What an oh so cute lovestory!

Stephanie H (kr) wrote: great work by the studio cast

Gaspar O (de) wrote: Absolutely average, but I still like Nic Cage a lot, even though he's fast becoming another Eric Roberts, taking anything with a paycheck attached. It's middle-of-the-road, absolutely adequate. If it was a pizza, it'd be a medium.

Juan Diego L (ca) wrote: Cuando la vi, no saba de que se trataba, pero con forme la pelcula fue avanzando, me fue atrapando, las actuaciones me parecieron increbles, una historia que no conoca que mereca ser mostrada en la pelcula. Muy entretenida que dan muchas ganas de verla de nuevo.

Paul D (es) wrote: With both climbers narrating you know how it ends from the start of course. Yet this still manages to take you on the most dramatic of journey's, drawing you in to all of Jo and Simon's highs and lows.