Kathiresan aka Kaththi, a criminal, escapes from the Kolkata prison and comes to Chennai, where he comes across his doppelganger Jeevanandham, fighting for his life after being shot at by unknown men. Kathir decides to pass off as Jeeva and make away with a lump sum amount but once he realizes who Jeeva really is, Kathir turns a crusader.

The movie is about a scramble for a fertile agriculture between a multinational company which wants to carry out a commercial project on this land and a villager Jeevanantham, who leads the village to take the fight to the multinational company and promises to reclaim what belongs to them. So how does Jeevanantham fulfill his promises? Do his attempts bear fruit? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark S (gb) wrote: Unfortunately, I see the ever increasing naivety of people that believe they know better. "B-Rated"? Unfortunately, this story has much truth in other parts of the globe. I can't say with certainty that this actually happens like this in South America, but I know for certain that it does occur in other more heavily populated countries that I won't go into. India comes to mind. But also, one of the biggest problems in the middle east between the Israel and the Muslim population is the natural resource, water. If you've studied political science and environmental science you'll find that this is in fact true. This may be religious or haves versus have-nots, but in reality the issue remains. I found the movie captivating, far from B-rated. The issues with many of the big corporations manipulating other governments/countries is real. If anyone recalls, one of America's major "NEWS" media was guilty of nearly funding a war in a nearby country. Guilt in greed has infected out society from the time Eve took a bite from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Fact or fiction, the truth remains. As long as there are people to want more and those to take advantage of, there will be a perpetual problem that plagues the world. The poor lose in this life and only have hope for an eternal justice, particularly for those that choose evil over good. The issues here is that the movie depicts good and evil and the social injustice that does in fact take place on all levels of government. Having worked in government most of my career, I assure you, evil is lurking in the dark waiting to devour its prey. I can name names, but as I once tried to do so, I ended up unemployed and the person that was doing the evil is still in power, even being dumb enough to continue her evil, firing more people that followed in my footsteps. That is why I ended up working in government later on as well, to be a catalyst for change... to keep the honest honest and those that would stomp on the little people in check. Live a good life and do good to other people, particularly the weak, meek, poor, hungry, unclothed, etc. You know... the Beatitudes on the Sermon on the Mount. Good words to live by even if you don't believe in the deliverer. PAX

Lucero C (es) wrote: Suprisely turn out to be a great film!! very cute and a very interesting concept!

Chris P (es) wrote: Pretty standard Bollywood fare, which means it's fluffy and fun, doesn't take itself too seriously, and features beautiful women, catchy tunes, and entertaining musical numbers. Abhishek is amusing as always (with Dad in tow as the mysterious narrator), but it's Preity Zinta's healthy figure that really stole the show for me - and, I guess, her acting. If for nothing else, be sure to stick around for the three-tier dance competition, which features some great choreography and like the tenth iteration of the film's title track.

Trish H (ag) wrote: Love this movie still! I knew Tony would love it too, so I got it out tonight for us to watch. He absolutely loved the movie because of the music.

Max M (fr) wrote: It has potential but it's unfortunately a disastrous mess with good special effects by John Carl Buecheler and a few decent scenes the film is just unfortunately a letdown at least the sequel is an improvement also the ending why in the world would you end with the people that killed the dinosaurs die? Just stick away from this and watch the sequel. Overall forgettable film with its moments like the teenagers getting killed in the jeep,the hippie saying "greetings green brother" to the dinosaur and getting killed,and the characters were just ehh.

Chad R (au) wrote: I remember watching this on HBO. kind of a unbelievable premise as I remember but it was fun and Mark Dacasco kicks ass in his fight scenes while Kardeem Harrison provides the jokes.

Juli N (fr) wrote: A much welcomed blast from the past!

Lanfranco C (de) wrote: Maybe the best Peckimpah movie

Josh B (ag) wrote: strong acting. lots of gore and mystery.