Kathy Griffin: Allegedly

Kathy Griffin: Allegedly

Kathy Griffin's all new feature-length stand-up DVD featuring the D-List Diva herself destroying the A-list stars we know and love.

Kathy Griffin's all new feature-length stand-up DVD featuring the D-List Diva herself destroying the A-list stars we know and love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellen G (au) wrote: Skikkelig teit, dum historie og var en ren drama film.

Kevin M (ca) wrote: in some ways, the best of the three. answers many questions

Luis O (gb) wrote: I knew there had to be some Monty Python or Mel Brooks moment in this film and I was right: Towards the end of the film Major General Audebert says "i've been ordered to arrest a cat for treason", A cat portrayed in the film as Felix/Nestor, was actually arrested and shot for espionage after it arrived in French lines wearing a new collar and bearing a note (in french) which read "which regiment are you from?". The general in charge decided just to follow the letter of the law, the cat was shot for spying. So Felix the cat the fluffy little pussy turned out to be a double spy. Joyeux Noel everyone!

Jackson S (gb) wrote: It has heart...... thats it

Allan E (gb) wrote: : Superb documentary that examines the mostly disregarded flipside of flower power and hippiedom. Essential step toward an integrated understanding of the era.

David D (ag) wrote: Worth seeing more for the twists along the way than for the final twist

Grant H (gb) wrote: Good movie. While it's certainly Anderson's most depressing movie, it's still a very funny, smart, touching movie with great direction and great performances from its cast.

Eric N (mx) wrote: great spy spoof. hilarious stuff.

Dane P (mx) wrote: A very interesting movie. The movie goes by pretty fast its well shot and has a satisfying payoff. I think this one is better than Blue because its more to the point and not so hum drum

Emily B (nl) wrote: Hahaha, another sequel

Jeff B (us) wrote: Great film about explorers Richard Burton and John Speke. It's a little known story as well as a little known film, but man, it sure is entertaining. Even though the ending isn't as good as the rest of the film, I had a great time watching this. It's got wonderful cinematography from Roger Deakins, a nice score from Michael Small, and amazing scenery. The cast is great, I especially like the supporting performance from Fiona Shaw as Burton's wife. More people need to check out this little seen film.

Greg W (us) wrote: OK late career Berman Spoiler Alert!!! still haven't figured out why this starts in colour then switches to black & white

Susan P (us) wrote: Tilda Swinton is awesome, as always, which is why I watched it. I thought the story was kind of ridiculous, however. I could have lived without watching this, but Goran Visnjic is hot, so I guess it wasn't so bad. I thought the actors deserved a better movie, perhaps one that involved Goran taking his shirt off instead.