Kaun? Kaisey?

Kaun? Kaisey?

A suspense thriller film featuring Mithun Chakraborty, Deepak Parashar and Anita Raaj in stellar roles.

Inspector Vinod has a tough time dealing a murder case and is also frequently warned by a mysterious caller. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin K (au) wrote: ***Spoilers Ahead***Decent watch especially with the time jumps through history. I feel it wasn't too long nor too short either in view time. Also, the persistent racial tension throughout the movie's timeline tugged at my heartstrings and kept me engaged in the film. I thought the events leading up to and including the funeral shootout were the best parts of the film. Some more like that would have been nice.I know this is based on a true story but I believe they could have added more twists to make it more exciting it like Hollywood is know for. For instance, maybe one of Knight's friends could have turned out to be conspiring with the KKK and he has to take him out. Or maybe karmic justice for Rachel's previous slave owner and the people who hung Moses. Those definitely felt like loose ends in the story. Probably what I liked least was that Knight was too noble of a character. Everything he says is seen as righteous and true, everybody listens to him speak as if he's on a podium, he's religious and all, he deeply cares for others of other races, treats women well, and even his wife seemed a-okay with him having a baby with Rachel. Where's the conflict with his wife leaving, internal struggles, the issue of him having a child out of wedlock, or basically having two wives? Similar to the main character from 'American Sniper', his character seems extremely embellished while posing as a perfect white savior who's a victim of unfair circumstances. It doesn't seem believable and makes his character inert as a human being. Not a single person is perfect and every good hero struggles with his demons; not only is that more realistic, it makes for more intresting of a story too.

Elinor Z (us) wrote: the only thing i didn't like about this movie is a final scene where i would expect some sort of silent dialog, anything that would make me feel less guilty for being happy for their unorthodox "happy end". otherwise it's a beautifully developed story of love, loss, sacrificing, everything life has to offer. there is erotic tension slowly built between two lost people inside the tiny space of a dark apartment they almost don't leave during the movie. different people come in and out, each one has important role in the main characters lives, still there is enough space for everything and everyone, so much drama and so many emotions. even if it's only filling the void, i want all the characters to find happiness.

Stephanie G (it) wrote: Unexpectedly amazing!!

WS W (kr) wrote: It seems having something to say, intentionally absurd but going almost lunatic.

Manny C (ag) wrote: Here' what you need to know: there's a wussy husband, played wonderfully by Jean-Pierre Darroussin. He's a boozy insurance salesman, with a domineering wife, played with icy brilliance by Carole Bouqet, a lawyer whose success he resents bitterly. They both drive out to Paris to retrieve their children from camp, during which they learn that a criminal has escaped from prison. She leaves the car, and he tries to find her. That's about all you need to know as far as premise, other than Darroussin is amazing and director Cedric Kahn crafts a spellbinding thriller out of Georges Simenon's novel. It's a knockout.

Joe G (au) wrote: Ray Milland is a rich guy in poor health. In order to extend his life, he arranges to have his head grafted onto the shoulder of healthy young athlete Rosey Grier. Need I say more? A must for lovers of weird and campy films.

Jacob F (au) wrote: I think this film is very underrated. It's dark, disturbing, and surprisingly very well acted and engaging. It brings up the mostly unspoken issue of these "reform facilities" which makes it pretty important to see. James C Burns is also really fantastic and interesting as the man who runs the camp. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Bob W (us) wrote: Not for everyone, this film's growing mystery at a slow pace is bound to frustrate contemporaries looking for action and resolution. But give it time, it is quite a unique and haunting story which leads in many directions. Regarded as one the first great Australian films.

Steve D (kr) wrote: a very good update on Pygmalion good cast and I am a sucker for this kind of movie