Kaun Kitney Pani Mein

Kaun Kitney Pani Mein


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Kaun Kitney Pani Mein torrent reviews

Patrick M (gb) wrote: Not good Seals are probably not happy

Patrick G (ca) wrote: How does one begin a review for a film called "P-51 Dragon Fighter"?I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see this film I had never even heard of on the shelf at my local free library. With hands trembling from trepidation, I carried it to the check-out counter. Still in a state of mild shock, I walked the three miles home, heart gently pounding and mind full of possibilities.My hands still trembling, I inserted it into my player and turned on the TV. I was immediately struck by the no-nonsense, straight-to-business-ness of the menu with it's single option of 'Play Movie'. No language or subtitle options, no special features, no chapters, even. I could tell this DVD wanted to be my friend.It was at this point I realized I left my car at the library, so I'd best hurry up and watch the thing before the angry natives carted my wheels off to one of their pagan coming-of-age ceremonies.The film starts out with an archaeological team digging up a stone that glows mysteriously with a mysterious glow. My ever-faithful servant, Mongo, commented that it was most likely a dragon's egg, for which I beat him mercilessly with a shoe I keep around for such things, and sent him to his chamber with a verbal warning of "Spoilers, b***h!" After gathering my wits, I un-paused the film. Something was going on with planes and fire, but I have t admit, I am not exactly sure what.Then there was a series of actors speaking in bad German accents I could tell they were bad accents because I am an expert in those kind of things.There seemed to be an awful lot of American accents in the film, as well as one or two Russian and even a Scot, they were also all just awful accents. The dialogue is stilted and filled with anachronisms, just the way I like it.When the bullets start flying, one of the actors said "Woo-Hoo" with such vigor that I heard Mongo tapping at his door and softly moaning. I almost felt pity for the wretch, but that's how they get you.When the female lead finally makes her appearance, she is refreshingly pretty in a non-descript sort of way. She almost immediately demonstrates her acting chops by shedding a single tear for her dead father whom she never knew.Don't we all have a dead father whom we never knew? I know I did, so I felt an immediate false affinity with whatshername.Surprisingly, the male and female leads kiss tenderly at this point, but if I've learned anything from movies about paranormal activities during World War Two, it's that everybody back then were sluts. Kissing and fondling was a common form of greeting for strangers back then. I assume this is what caused the Baby Boom.Apparently, the titular dragons are controlled by the Fates, who are helpfully commanding them to do what the bad German accents require. Some amount of intrigue is introduced when one of the Fates gives a bad German accent a drink of water, then slips something into his attache case.Several bad American accents and one awful English accent discover a dragon corpse and one of them performs oral surgery. The bad German accents immediately arrest them.They are taken to one of the leaders of the German accents, who tells them a bedtime story.Possessed of this new information, the bad American accents return to their headquarters with a plan to defeat the dragons, the bad German accents and awful dialogue all at the same time.Will the Allies defeat the dragons? Will the lead actors consummate their love?You'll have to watch the rest of the movie to find out. I couldn't.Now I have to go get my car. Come, Mongo!

Guido S (ru) wrote: Sandy B is a crossword puzzle creator who gets setup with a cameraman on a blind date. While they are about to get down, he realizes she is a bit loony and runs off. She being a crazy stalker goes after him and follows him across the country. Dumb but enjoyable. A pretty funny portrayal of the media and has a lot of good moments. Much better than I would expect it would be. Plus her boots were hot despite what the film would let you believe.

Private U (de) wrote: Amusing, if you're in the right mood for it. Pure idiocy if you're not.

Ola G (br) wrote: The two slightly odd friends Leo (Kim Bodnia) and Lenny (Mads Mikkelsen) lives in Nrrebro, a working-class neighborhood in Copenhagen. Leo lives in a rundown apartment with his girlfriend Louise (Rikke Louise Andersson) and hes stuck in a dead end job. Lenny is a shy and quiet film expert who works with his and Leo's mutual friend Kitjo (Zlatko Buric) in a videostore. Lenny tries to get out of his self isolation, but struggles with social interactions and meeting the opposite sex. When Louise tells Leo she's pregnant, a spark is ignited and Leo begins to become cold and distant. One night Leo witnesses a shooting and a vicious beating at a nightclub where Louises brother Louis is a bouncer. Initially shaken by the violence, he becomes increasingly seduced by it. Eventually his anger and self-hatred finally erupt into violence against Louise...The intense "Bleeder" was written, produced and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. The film was a big hit in Denmark, much like Refn's previous film "Pusher" from 1996 which included several of the same actors as in "Bleeder". "Bleeder" carries connections to the classic "Falling Down" and the feeling of losing touch with oneself and not being able to handle life as it happens to you live and direct. The role of Leo is perfect for Kim Bodnia and he has maybe played that type of role a bit too many times since 1999, but then he was more or less upcoming and fresh. Zlatko Buric is always great to see and Mads Mikkelsen breathes life into Lenny. I love how Refn shows the escalation of Leos descent into his own private hell and his violent graphic demise. And the sudden bursts of violence is classic Refn today. But, I do think that Lennys efforts of breaking out of his isolated shell and trying to go on a date with Lea feels a bit off somehow, like it doesnt fit into the script and thus erupts the flow of the movie. To find balance and happiness in life is important to be able to actually enjoy life. Its so easy to become dragged down in a spiral of darkness. I know all to well. But, where theres darkness, theres light. And I reckon this is what Refn tries to communicate with "Bleeder".

Felipe F (ru) wrote: Although tiresome, some fine performances from John Travolta, Kathy Bates and Emma Thompson makes this mild political comedy - barely - watchable.

Vaughn (jp) wrote: One of My Favorite Movies of all time!

Amanda O (ca) wrote: Not bad. i enjoyed the character building process the boys went through.

Taylor N (ru) wrote: The further you go into Bergman's career, the more interesting his movies get. This is hardcore art. Loved it.

Bob V (kr) wrote: Everyone who's ever met me knows I have a hard-on for Bette Davis that reaches straight into heaven, so it pains me to say it, but of all her movies I've ever seen I enjoyed this one the least. The acting is up to par, I like Bogey & Bette together, but this gangster moll drama, very typical of the period for Warner Brothers just doesn't enthrall me in the least.

Kevin R (fr) wrote: 9.5/10 - Cleverly written with genuine humor and wit from beginning to end. Balances light-hearted moments with tragedy. Not a single dull performance from any of the cast. Ricardo Montalban steals every scene he's in and demands attention as the charismatic Armando. Roddy McDowall and Kim Hunter perfectly play the clever and charming Cornelius and Zira as always. My second favorite in the series.

Maribel S (gb) wrote: Fell in love with the characters

Gareth R (jp) wrote: Oh dear. After zooming through two deservedly hit movies, Herbie's finally got a flat tyre. Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo tries, somewhat obviously, to be like The Love Bug. Once again it's about Jim Douglas: he's back, sans wife, and he's racing Herbie again. Buddy Hackett is out, replaced by Don Knotts as the nauseating Wheelie, and Jim has a new love interest, the (tedious) feminist Diane. Herbie also happens to be in love with her car, which interferes horribly with Jim's desire to win races. To make matters worse, a famous diamond has been stolen and hidden in Herbie's gas tank, which means two bungling burglers and a criminal mastermind are after him. Jim and friends don't know about this, however, and just want to get on with winning the race to Monte Carlo, but there's a snide German driver who - oddly enough - wants to win instead. The various different plots, characters, villains and pseudo-villains all circle each other rather awkwardly. It isn't particularly good to have Jim back, partly because he's hanging out with a complete stranger, partly because he's acting like a xenophobic moron towards any foreigner he meets. (To be fair, so is Wheelie, who cheerfully embodies the Speak Loudly And Rudely cliche about Americans, when he isn't sharing his rather uncomfortable views on women. [He's not a fan.]) The new characters, such as the inconsistently feminist and bimboish Diane, are boring and annoying. And the whole crime caper subplot is just a nuisance, as well as a thin excuse for a lot of dreadful pratfalls. But presumably the filmmakers felt they needed a few proper villains, since the only dastardly thing about Bruno Von Stickle is that he wants to win the race. Well, doesn't everybody? It's a slow and rather boring outing for Herbie, missing the zany spirit of Herbie Rides Again and the little-car-that-could pluck of The Love Bug. Stick to watching the first two Herbie films, and forget the rest. The scenery might be nice in Monte Carlo, but the company's dreadful.

Carlos I (es) wrote: The plot seems to stumble on itself and what it's trying to convey, but when the third act begins, all that's easy to ignore as the craziness begins. It's just too entertaining.