An adaptation of a popular Israeli stage musical. Kazablan is an army veteran turned gang leader in the Israeli port of Jaffa who masks his feelings of bitterness with a lot of bravado. He's sweet on Rachel, a young woman who lives with her father and stepmother. The budding relationship scandalizes the neighbors (not to mention Rachel's parents) and infuriates Yanush, a middle-aged shoe store owner who wants Rachel for himself. (Yanush feels he's entitled to marry Rachel since they're both Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern European origins, whereas Kazablan is a Sephardic Jew from Morocco.) The neighborhood has something else to worry about besides the antics of Kazablan and his gang: the city wants to tear down their crumbling homes. The residents pool their resources to save their houses, but the money that's collected is stolen. When he's jailed for the theft, Kazablan must find a way to clear himself.

An embittered gang leader seeks the respect of his neighbors and the love of a young woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carrie M (ca) wrote: Best Tarzan movie EVER!!

Mauricio M (ru) wrote: Comedia romantica francesa que recupera lo mejor de la era del oro hollywoodense. Bien podria haber sido interpretada en su momento por Cary Grant y Audrey Hepburn, con quien los personajes principales guardan mas de una relacion. Los creditos iniciales simulan los de las comedias de Blake Edwards tipo The Party o The Pink Panther. Para romanticos tan rosa como la populaire de Pamphyle y nostalgicos del star system y el show business clasico. A ratos parce un capitulo alargado de Hechizada (Bewitched).

Alejandra G (us) wrote: Everything Zhang Yimou does is amazingly beautiful and full of sensitivity. I love him, I love his work.

Mia P (mx) wrote: Pretty terrible movie... but I still liked it because of the great soundtrack!

Scott S (fr) wrote: Flirting With Disaster (1996) -- [9.0] -- This ensemble road trip comedy of errors is the sophomore effort from writer/director David O. Russell (Three Kings, Silver Linings Playbook), and stars an impressive troupe of actors who make the whole film feel wondrously improvised. Ben Stiller plays a new father who is searching for his biological birth parents. When an adoption agency rep (Tea Leoni) believes she has located them, Stiller and his wife (Patricia Arquette) begin what turns out to be a doomed cross-country road trip full of false hopes, temptation, and destruction of government property. Mary Tyler Moore and George Segal play Stiller's highly neurotic adoptive parents, while Alan Alda and Lily Tomlin play the counter-culture biological parents -- and I'd be tempted to say these four actors almost steal the show. But "Flirting With Disaster" is full of incredible performances. You also get Richard Jenkins and Josh Brolin as a pair of government agents looking to adopt a kid of their own, and David Patrick Kelly and Celia Weston as two possible birth parents who turn out to be red herrings. Russell keeps "Flirting With Disaster" feeling fresh and spontaneous, so the comedy never feels forced or contrived -- it all feels like it's happening in real time, right before your eyes. He also makes terrific use of hand-held camera work and an eclectic soundtrack featuring a pair of songs from Southern Culture on the Skids and a quirky whistle-driven score by Stephen Endelman. I dislike most comedies, but this is one of my very favorites. I saw it five times during its original theatrical release and have probably watched once or twice a year since then. Whether its re-living Mary Tyler Moore's mispronunciation of the biological parents' name ("The Shit-Kings?!?") or watching Alan Alda and Lily Tomlin try to help Richard Jenkins through an accidental acid trip, "Flirting With Disaster" just keeps getting better and better.

Kevin C (gb) wrote: This is one of my Bride's favourite nostalgia films from her childhood. Not a kids film, but a dry dark comedy taking place in wartime England overwhelmed by rationing. Power and the class system are some themes shown by the characters who represent the Social Ladder Climber, the Impotent Nice Guy and Evil Status--to name a few. A stellar cast of British actors too.

Bill B (ru) wrote: Garner is a successful ob/gyn whose wife becomes equally or even more successful as a pitch woman in commercials, which leads to a bunch of somewhat corny sitcom set-ups including a soap filled pool that Garner drives a car into.The best word for it would probably be 'cute', but overall the feel is that women should stay home and raise kids, so that their hubbies won't feel threatened.Rental.

Tom R (gb) wrote: This is a brilliant 'oldie', well worth a look. I love most british comedies of this era, but this film surpassed even my expectations. Should be considered a classic.

cli o (de) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Josh F (it) wrote: I enjoyed this one, just perhaps not as much as I thought I was. Michael Cera was perfect doing Michael Cera things. Enjoyable, just not epic.

Kim B (kr) wrote: It is a uniquely told movie about italian families and the bonds that build and break us. It also deals with superstitions and expectations in life. It is a bit of a dark comedy with ironic situations. I actually liked nicholas cage in this movie, although usually i dont. Cher is very pretty as always and i really liked olympia dukakis who played her mom in the film. Some great lines-like "do u love him"-"aw ma i love him awful"-"oh god well thats too bad." Good performances but film felt a little empty tho.

Holly M (jp) wrote: This was a very unusual movie, and I found it to be rather artistic as well as odd. The ending was a huge surprise that I never in a million years would have seen coming. It bordered on comical... almost like poetic justice. I thought it was the perfect way to wrap everything up.