A mentally ill man searches New York for his missing eight year old daughter. He recreates her steps each day hoping for some clue to her disappearance, until he meets and befriend a woman with a daughter the same age. Could she help him with the missing piece of the puzzle?

A man in his early 30s (Keane) struggles with the supposed loss of his daughter from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, while fighting serious battles with schizophrenia. We can ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicki M (us) wrote: I had to switch this off at the scene where the teenage boys start singing at the urinal. I felt like I was watching Glee!This would probably appeal to pre teens and those who like Disney type movies. Likeable cast including Lucy Hale and Missy Pyle. Totally unconvincing Cinderella retelling with a musical twist. Wasn't for me, but I'm sure it would have its fans.

Ryan L (de) wrote: an infinitely suspenseful, brilliantly acted, smartly written, and masterfully directed indie drama about Curtis (played to utter perfection by Michael Shannon), who's family has a history of schizophrenia, who starts having visions of a catastrophic storm that he believes will end the life of his family if he doesn't build an underground shelter in his backyard. the only thing to say about this movie is flawless. everything was perfect. especially Michael Shannon, he needs some more recognition because this man is an actor. the effects were great and the the ending was both satisfying and unsettling at the same time. loved every second of this brilliantly paced masterclass in filmmaking. 10/10

Jason S (it) wrote: Read up on the old urban legends about this, before seeing it and while it didn't follow the legend, at all, it was still an enjoyable horror flick! Had decent special effects and makeup. A little too long to get to the farm and the main story, but worth a view if you have time to kill.

Matt B (ru) wrote: This movie is extremely complicated implementing multiple time shifts and a lot of mystery. The line delivery could use some work; this is obviously a low-budget film. However, the story line is intense and observes the multiple pesonalitities of a tormented personality. Coming out is hard!!! A lot of people can't get over feeling like being gay is a bad thing, and when their parents refuse to accept that, it makes it even more difficult for these people. Check out this film. Get over the poor quality of filming and just experience the storyline. Veeeery interesting...

Donna (fr) wrote: Don't be fooled by the high caliber cast of talent, for this is a truly bad film!! The characters lack any believability as real people and are merely paper-thin caricatures with barely a brain cell between them. There are no funny lines nor is there any point to this films existence.

stephanie g (mx) wrote: geppetto is a very good movie the best one

Jesse B (es) wrote: A searing portrait of uncontrolled, destructive passion and the disintegration which dissolves the lives of those who participate. One of Louis Malle's best films.

Lotti K (ru) wrote: Infuriating and touching.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Attempt at style but little substance in adaptation of S.E. Hinton's book. Coppola did better with THE OUTSIDERS. Not much to really concern yourself with in Rusty James and his aloof older brother; Dennis Hopper typecast (again) as a drunk. Diane Lane, however, looks great.

Jeff K (es) wrote: This movie made a huge impression on me as a youngman and is still relevent today as we are discussing the place of privilege in our society.

Thomas M (fr) wrote: A REALLY BAD MOVIE, why did they make it???????

D M (de) wrote: At a high-tech state-of-the-art gym a woman is gassed in the steam room when the computer system that runs the place mysteriously causes the attack. Police investigate as more mishaps continue to occur. The owner hires a ?paranormal investigator? by the name of Lido! What first appears to have more in common with 2001 and then Psycho ends up having a far stupider explanation for the reason things have gone awry. Lots of gore, lots of boobs, and some bush; still rather unwatchable. I honestly don't know if the funny parts were meant to be funny, but even comedy/horror completists such as myself should avoid.

Kaspar K (jp) wrote: Oh I loved it. go to hell with your underdeveloped script.

Stephen B (it) wrote: Man this movie sucks

Paul D (ca) wrote: As a sequel it looks as impressive as the first film, but the story is dour throughout.