Friends hatch a plot to retrieve a stolen cat by posing as drug dealers for a street gang.

Rell's life is changed forever when a cute kitten comes to his door, and he names it Keanu. Unfortunately, one weekend later, Keanu is abducted by persons unknown. Now Rell and his cousin, Clarence, are men on a mission to find Keanu against the odds. Unfortunately, those odds prove to be perilously high as they find Keanu in the care of the ruthless gangster, Cheddar, and he will only part with him for a price. Now for that cute kitten, these two middle class bumblers find themselves neck deep in a dangerous alien world of drugs and gang violence with only their desperate audacity, creativity and sheer dumb luck giving them a chance to survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric D (ca) wrote: was enjoying the film when it seemed to come to an abrupt end just when it was getting interesting......good film but such a disappointing ending

Barry T (jp) wrote: Not bad but slightly dry comedy drama. Clarke was good as was Harries but it seemed to drift about and not go anywhere that fast. Miller should direct again though

Paul W (mx) wrote: Nasty & depressing . . . but good!

Dougal S (ag) wrote: Nothing says 80s like a cheesy teen horror flick. One of the more obscure (and oft overlooked) entries into the genre this differs from it's peers by being a wholly British film. Not that it plays up to that - in fact it does everything it can to convince you it's an American flick, complete with a selection of terrible fake US accents from the main cast. What it does get right for is that it contains the usual bizarre plotting, predictable storylines, poor acting and cheesy dialogue that populate American films of this type.When a group of high school kids play a prank on the class nerd he is badly injured, disfigured and hauled off to an institution. Fast forward five years and the gang are all invited back to their former school for a reunion only to find they are the only ones there and the place is deserted and run down. Despite this they break into the building and start to party when they discover a spread of booze and party food. As the evening progresses they realise they're not alone in the school and as they begin to be murdered one by one they realise they're trapped with a homicidal killer.Despite it's cheesiness there's plenty to enjoy in this film for horror fans. The murders are all pretty inventive and it ticks all the requisite boxes that endears this sort of thing to some people. It's not going to win any awards for movie making but if it's a fun hour and a half with a few beers you're after then you could do a lot worse.

Callum B (br) wrote: ok at times and not a terrible film.

Amanda H (br) wrote: Slow and monotonous. However, it managed to keep my attention. It was interesting to see how the relationship between Cole and Ali developed. The ending was not ideal, but satisfactory.

bill s (ru) wrote: A real hidden jewel of root along with Ward.

Alec B (nl) wrote: There's definitely a "dumb fun" vibe to most of the movie, that is until it turns into a cheap rip-off of The Matrix.