Keda Reda

Keda Reda

A comedy about a triplet brothers but with only one birth certificate.

Identical triplets Simsim, Prince and Bebo have spent their entire lives working as con artists and causing people to believe they are one person named Reda. The brothers fall in love with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael E (ca) wrote: 3 stars but its shit but also funny because it is so shit.

David S (gb) wrote: The Anomaly is a struggle to watch. It takes itself very seriously, has an interesting idea of a story, but cannot grasp nor convince the viewer. The mediocre at best acting can be blamed, or the roughly shot fight scenes, that seem theatrical at best. Noel Clarke and all the fellow actors have tried their best as is evident, however, the movie reeks of B-grade, and it can't seem to achieve what it set out to achieve.

Justin B (gb) wrote: Dwayne's charming and the kids are fine but the film is tacky, dull and underproduced; bombarding the audience with an onslaught of corny dialogue and drab special effects.

Eagan H (ca) wrote: Excellent portrayal of grassroots, anti-war political work.

Fahim B (de) wrote: I liked it when I first saw it. It was a change from your typical bollywood bullshit, and the songs were good =]

Wes S (gb) wrote: Decent characters, the story isn't too great but the animation is nice. Not the best songs in the series but it's not the worst sequel.

Charlie G (ag) wrote: Cute. Funny. Good story. Nice idea.

Zack K (ru) wrote: Hilarious movie where patients at a mental institution basically come up with advertisements/marketing schemes for some of the larger well-known companies.

The Movie G (au) wrote: No the best movie, but the comedy to it is good.

Michael D (kr) wrote: Love this movie though I wish there were more mathematics.