Keeper of the Flame

Keeper of the Flame

Journalist Steve O'Malley wants to write a biography of a national hero who died when his car ran off a bridge. Steve receives conflicting reports and tales that make him question what the truth about the hero is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (fr) wrote: Day: TuesdayDate: 2 Sep 2014Time: 9.30 pmWith: NooneOn: HDTV

Lance P (br) wrote: Painfully bad horror yarn with a cornball cast of characters including Judge Reinhold, Stacy Keach (using a really bad irish accent), Eileen Brennan who looked like she was yanked from a nursing home for the shoot and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter as the town bad boy.

Gregory L (br) wrote: This movie was horrible. Not a thing interesting about it.

Sean C (br) wrote: A solid gritty drama with great performances all around.

Alan K (es) wrote: Had high hopes for this one, but it fell short.

Lawrence A (gb) wrote: this movie sucked. except for the fat lady and the priests.

Nalina M (nl) wrote: unexpected ending!!!

Graham B (br) wrote: Carla is a deaf secretary in a property firm. Overworked and bullied by her male colleagues, she is asked to take on an assistant to help with her workload. Carla is insulted, but agrees and employs ex-con Paul. He's inexperienced, knowing only the life of a petty criminal, but Carla covers for him and gets him a place to stay away from the hostel he has been placed in. In exchange for her kindness, Paul agrees to help Carla gain revenge on her male bullies, progressing her career and status in the company. When it comes time to repay the debt, Carla is dragged into the criminal underworld where she joins forces with Paul to rob a local loan shark.This is a clever character study of two very different people thrown together and how they react with each other. Emmanuelle Devos gives a great performance and subtly conveys Carla's outsider status. Great sound design showing her audio perspective as she tunes in and out of the real world. Cassel shows Paul to be the chancer he is belying confidence and machismo.Once again a great twisting tale from Jacques Audiard directing a film that shifts from one theme to another quite seamlessly. One minute corporate espionage, next a romance, next a heist film. With this many facets, it would be easy for the film to get lost in identity, but it never does thanks to the intriguing leads.Encore bravo Jacques. Yet to find a film of his I don't like.

Steve M (ag) wrote: Quicksilver Highway Starring: Matt Frewer and Christopher Lloyd It's hard to go wrong with an horror anthology movie, and if you're adapting stories by Stephen King and Clive Barker to the screen, you'd think it would be even harder. But no. The filmmakers managed to completely botch the effort with "Quicksilver Highway." It starts to go wrong with the framing sequence. These anthology movies are supposed to have a framing device that links the tales either through a plot of its own, or through some theme. Here, we have Christopher Lloyd playing a weirdo in a rune-engraved leather collar telling stories to total strangers that he admits repeatedly have no point. And then there are the stories. First, we have Stephen King's "Chattering Teeth" about a man who is saved from a psychotic hitchhiker by a pair of oversized, toy teeth. As lame as this one is, it pales in comparison to the one that follows. "The Body Politic" is the second tale, and it was adapted from a very bad Clive Barker story about a surgeon whose hands rebel against the rest of his body--and then cause the hands of others to rebel as well. Setting aside the fact that the hands can do nothing without the muscles of the arms--and yet a hospital full of rebellious hands are dragging people around as the story builds to its ludicrous climax--there simply isn't anything scary about the story. It's even too stupid to be funny, although Matt Frewer's over-the-top performance as the doctor at war with his own hands was fun, and it earns the "Quicksilver Highway" an entire Tomato. Frewer's performance is the only noteworthy thing about this third-rate effort. I don't think it's enough to warrant wasting your time, however.

Tatsuhito K (nl) wrote: Too cheesy? Yes. Too convenient? Sure. Is it sweet and funny and heartwarming and that makes you smile the whole time? Hell yes! Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan handle the comedy and the drama with such irresistible charm, and Nora Ephron's direction adds emotional depth to this absolutely charming romcom. Sleepless in Seattle will make you smile and laugh a lot.

Beth J (ca) wrote: I've wanted to see this since it was released almost 25 years ago. It did not disappoint me. If you like this type of film, it's great. Rather violent, but not over the top. Not for kids though, IMO. Nikita pays her debt to society by killing people for the government. Despite this, she is very sympathetic character. It kind of reminded me a little of "In the Line of Fire" where John Malkovich's character is a former assassin for the government, except you actually like Nikita.

Spermian J (it) wrote: Scrupulous Googums was sated.

Demonic N (ca) wrote: This looks really crap.

Jordy N (mx) wrote: One of if not the greatest comedy's of all time

Amanda C (mx) wrote: There are few films that take misogyny to the levels of My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Uma Therman's Jenny Johnson is a bonified super hero, with super strength and the ability to fly and yet her biggest goal in life is to get a man, she's also the worst exaggeration of the crazy ex-girlfriend trope you could ever help to find. It's demeaning, offensive and that doesn't even take the film's structure into consideration. The fact that films like this get funded and worse, make money, is the great travesty of the film industry.

Farah R (ag) wrote: Dark and dull. There's hardly anything to like about it.