Keepin' the Faith: Higher Ground

Keepin' the Faith: Higher Ground

KEEPIN' THE FAITH: HIGHER GROUND - After his beloved church burns down, Pastor Marcus inherits another church and several million dollars from his mean Aunt Fema, but it comes with strings attached.

In this comedy of faith and family, a hefty inheritance may drive a family together--or pull them apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Keepin' the Faith: Higher Ground torrent reviews

Simon C (gb) wrote: Wanders about. An unworthy successor.

MeLany C (us) wrote: Loved it. Looking for part 2 got 1,3, and 4. Goodluck to me. Yeepee

Filip N (es) wrote: overly long movie that leads nowhere

Arnab B (mx) wrote: Quite amazing... an outstanding movie.

Daniel D (nl) wrote: Really like this movie. Really funny.

Zach L (nl) wrote: One of the greatest mysterious masterpieces in film. Aguirre is a haunting vision about Spanish conquistador Pizarro discovering Peru. After separating into groups, one is taken over by Aguirre, who longs for the discovery of the ancient city El Dorado. Werner Herzog believes in the voodoo of location, meaning that he places his actors in convincing locations, such as filming in a forest 500 miles from civilization, opposed to a rain forest right outside of a major city. Like only a handful of great epic films like Apocalypse Now, and 2001, watching the movie we are constantly aware of how it was made. Kinski's performance is one of the greatest in cinema not in small part due to the real conflict on set. The images, music and performance of Kinski is why this film will probably remain transcendent. It largely inspired the equally visionary Apocalypse Now, and later The Tree of Life. Aguirre is in a small handful of films that transcend to the sense of wonder and mystery. It is not about characters, except for Aguirre, whose personality is completely realized through his movements and expressions. Another similarity with Apocalypse Now is how Aguirre attaches one great scene after another, from the striking first shot of the movie, with a long line of men snaking its way up the mountain slope, to the chilling, and ambiguous climax. Out of all the films Herzog as done, Aguirre might be his most expressive and meditative work.

Cindy V (ca) wrote: Lovely little film, though the ending drags on a bit too long.

Hayden G (fr) wrote: A well-crafted, sleazy love letter to Hitchcock (most obviously Rear Window and Vertigo). Too bad it takes a page from the worst part of Psycho and buries its reveal in exposition. Harrowing sequences, enchanting virtuoso camerawork, and hypnotic score keep that from detracting too much.

Chayc (ag) wrote: How on earth did I go so long without even hearing about this so bad it's good slasher from the 80's. It is crazy-bad, but in a pretty awesome way.