In the village of Kenoma, inside Brazil, the artisan Linnaeus tries to make a big and quixotic dream: to build a perpetual motion machine. His contract is opposed by Jerome, powerful local landowner, but he wins the aid of mysterious drifter who decides to stay in town after charmed with the beauty of the young Tari.

In the village of Kenoma, inside Brazil, the artisan Linnaeus tries to make a big and quixotic dream: to build a perpetual motion machine. His contract is opposed by Jerome, powerful local landowner, but he wins the aid of mysterious drifter who decides to stay in town after charmed with the beauty of the young Tari. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ola S (es) wrote: The Italian film Golden Age; most people agree that is started with Rosselini's "Rome-Open City" and ended about 15 years before the death of Mastroianni. Who's fault is that? We can't blame Berlusconi for everything.This film deals with the last decade of the golden era. Through the eyes of a drug depending teacher, we see his mother. Again there's the rather common Italian theme "A woman too beautiful for her own good". We've seen tremendous narrating about that subject before. This is a try, by only on the son's conditions. He remembers his mother, how she involuntarily destroyed life for him and his sister. As long as she lives, the two of them can't even make a start.What could have been a great attempt, slowly but surely lands into melodrama. Parents can stop developing, even for people getting into late middleage. This is anyway far from what the golden Italian directors could have done about that kind of story.

Paul C (ru) wrote: Makes "The Blair Witch Project" look like "Citizen Kane." A horror film without any horror.

Debs B (es) wrote: A good girlie chick flick. I enjoyed this movie even if Ralf Little did display a wee bit more male body that was absolutely neccessary, but hey boys will be boys.

Katrina B (ag) wrote: christian kane... mmmmm. =] michael weatherly... MMMMM! =D

Alexander C (fr) wrote: 35-minute anime with detailed storyline.

Blair K (au) wrote: good movie and plot. quite enjoyable :)

JuanKa P (ca) wrote: Un entrenador de nios los mejora y lleva al xito lo que podra relanzar su carrera profesional. Esto lo llevar a reconsiderar su futuro entre el amor por el juego que los nios le han despertado o el dinero del profesionalismo

Johnny T (ru) wrote: Wild America is an outdoor action and adventure film based on the real life experiences of documentarian Mark Stouffer and his two younger brothers. The story takes place in 1967 when they lived on a farm in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, with their mother (Frances Fisher) and father (Jamey Sheridan). In their first adventure, they film a wolf and a herd of wild horses. Mark (Devon Sawa) has a close encounter with an alligator in a swamp. Marshall has an uplifting experience with an angry moose. However, the most astonishing moment for the Stouffer boys is when they film some hibernating grizzly bears in a cave. Wild America has all the spunk and the humor of the old Hardy boys adventure stories. Wild America is an unbelievable movie that is over dramatized and probably unsuitable for young children. Yet it holds a great deal of adventure and surprise for teen and adult audiences. Just be warned that the nature of the Stouffer boys is far more dangerous than the nature they intend to film. Also Starring Danny Glover. VERDICT: "Matine" - (Mixed reaction). These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says to pay matine prices to see at a theatre, buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own.

Justin A (mx) wrote: I thought I would like it more for nostalgic reasons (I used to like this movie when I was really young and new to horror movies), but no... I was stupid and this movie is terrible. It's a basic cheap-o ripoff of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. You expect so-bad-it's-good, but no. It's dull, forgettable, and I pretty much hated it. I could write plenty about why it sucks, including the terrible effects, ripoff script, and hammy acting, but why bother? Who even remembers this crap? Why am I still writing? Stay away from this movie.

Jim S (gb) wrote: oh boy this has aged, but it was fascinating, fine to watch while ironing.

Ian M (jp) wrote: Genius casting of Bill. The ups and downs, battles with sexism for the first female BBC producer, fighting to get the Daleks on screen and their success. Just a beautiful representation. Fabulous.

Jeff N (jp) wrote: Charming middle-weight fairy tale about a low life talent manager with a heart of gold. Allen channels Groucho and Mia Farrow turns heads with her hard edged Brooklynite Queen. Like the small acts he represents, BDR surprises with its wit, wisdom and magic tricks. See also: Purple Rose of Cairo

Robert B (jp) wrote: Summer of Sam (Spike Lee, 1999)[originally posted 19Jun2000]Spike Lee, phone home. Where is the man who was able to mix militant political views with fantastic drama to give us School Daze and Do the Right Thing, two of the best films ever made? I don't know where he went, but the shadow left in his wake who's handed us the last bunch of godawful films with Lee's name on them ain't the same guy. Hopefully, Summer of Sam is the nadir, and he can get back to being himself. For one thing, in the early days, Lee's acting was always one of the highlights of his films, and in Summer of Sam, it's almost as if he was trying his best to act badly. (If so, he succeeded in fine form.) And forget that there might have been any other explanation for the killings (Lee obviously did). Add in a plot about the ways that peoples' opinions change about one another and how fickle "loyalty" can be and you have all the makings of a disaster. The worst part is, this is stuff that Lee handled more than capably in his better films, and one is left wondering whether to blame the director or the scriptwriters for the mess this film is. I'm content to place the blame at half and half and hope Lee pulls himself out of the slump he's been in. * 1/2

Amasa G (de) wrote: What the hell am I supposed to say about this movie? I don't even know how it was made. PT Anderson did it a did DDL (but who really doubted him?).

Louis D (ag) wrote: Opting for conciseness and a more aggressive tone helps to aid Return of the Seven in avoiding competition with the epic masterpiece that is its forerunner. Larry Cohen's script returns to some of Magnificent Seven's original themes, particularly in regard to the beneath-the-surface similarities between farmer and gunslinger (illustrated particularly well in the indecisiveness of Chico - the wild gunman who fell in love and became a farmer in the first installment). In lieu of Steve McQueen, Cohen and Kennedy offer the talents of Warren Oates and Claude Akins, making for an entertaining view despite the absence of classic status. Also, dynamite throwing!